Why Updating to Firefox 5 is Pointless

There should be an image here!If there was ever a browser falling into perpetual catchup mode, it would have to be Firefox. It’s a title once held by the mighty Internet Explorer that, for the most part, was trash until v8 and then later on, v9 of the browser was released. During the course of that shift, we also begun to see Chrome coming up very quickly as a competitor to the open source browser. Today, Firefox is fading and it doesn’t look like this is going to be changing any time soon.

To be ultimately fair, things change. So the once powerful mover and shaker from the open source movement isn’t quite in the same standing it once was. This doesn’t mean it’s time to switch, does it? I say yes. Firefox is becoming the next Opera browser. Its developers come up with neat ideas, but they’re often a dollar short and a day late. When browsers like IE9 already have a feature like pinned Web sites to the taskbar first, Firefox 5 offering the same just loses its juice.

Trying too hard to pull a Microsoft

It’s frustrating to watch the mighty Mozilla simply spend most of its updates and changes trying to feel more like Chrome or IE9. Even the new tab layout and home button are completely out of place. The improvements offered are weak, too few, and far between. Not only that, it offers me — as a new Chrome user — zero reason to bother coming home to my Mozilla browser. What’s the point?

Compel me to care, not to fall asleep

At the end of the day, privacy concerns with Chrome aside, most people want a reliable experience that is updated with improvements more often than what Mozilla provides. Worse, Mozilla is losing its own way by creating issues for users of toolbars that worked in previous Firefox releases, only to fail now. Awesome job, guys — way to maintain a¬†market share! Oh wait, that’s right: you’re experiencing a “fail whale” there as well!