Can You Trust Any of the Reviews You Read on the Web?

Can You Trust Any of the Reviews You Read on the Web?While the Internet provides us with a fantastic way to communicate with people from all around the world, it also allows us to obtain information that we might not be able to glean from other resources. Unfortunately, this opportunity allows for unscrupulous people to express fabricated opinions or comments about products that they may have never actually tested. In fact, businesses of all types regularly hire PR agencies to promote their products and due to their efforts some individuals could conclude that these promotions are actually enticements for favorable reviews.

To learn more about how these reviews are formulated, a person can access the Free Lunch Web site where an individual can download a report in which the authors explain how fake reviews are posted on Amazon. Within the confines of this report, the authors further claim that there is a conspiracy, of sorts, among top reviewers to train apprentices in how to write reviews that will allow them to cash in on the best free products and services that are offered in exchange for their positive review. To obtain these free benefits, however, you must first get the attention of the PR folks by submitting positive reviews for the products involved.

But it must be noted that Amazon is not the only Web site that contains reviews that may be questionable, since other electronic companies have similar posts that offer glowing reviews about questionable products. On a personal note, I have found it best to disregard any review that is four or more paragraphs in length since most articles that exceed six paragraphs have been found to be untrue. It is usually obvious upon reading such a review that it was not written by the average consumer but was rather written by a professional who is taking the time to explain every attribute that the product has to offer.

I would personally warn anyone who is looking for information on a product to be cautious of any review since these reviews can be manipulated to look any way that the reviewer wants them to appear. You see this in late night infomercials with their outlandish claims about how much money you will make or how much you are going to enjoy using their product. Reviews and testimonials about any product or about any infomercial should be viewed with a suspicious eye.

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