How to Get Your Instagram Photos into Google+

I’ve been playing with Google+ for the past few hours (in between getting “real work” done, of course). I’ve been a little put off by how insular this social networking platform actually is — particularly, in relation to how Google+ is currently not supporting other existing, popular media platforms.

For Google+ photos, you’re currently “stuck” with transferring and managing images your Picasa account — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re used to working in Picasa (which, by the way, is a fantastic, free desktop photo editing tool for any platform).

So, I was trying to think of ways to proactively publish my Instagram photos to Google+ and think I’ve come up with a simple way of doing it through free file sharing service Dropbox in conjunction with yet another service, Instadrop.

Download / install Picasa if you haven’t already.

Download / install Dropbox if you haven’t already.

Authenticate your Instagram and Dropbox accounts with Instadrop. A new folder will appear in your Dropbox folder hierarchy when you publish your next Instagram photo. This service does not save existing Instagram photos to your Dropbox folder.

In Picasa, find the “Add folder to Picasa” feature and add the newly-created Instagram Photos folder (again, which will be created in Dropbox after you publish your next photo). This folder’s location will vary, depending on how and where you’ve set up Dropbox on your system.

Set up Picasa to automatically synchronize the new Instagram Photos folder with the Web. Currently, this feature can be toggled as you’re browsing a particular folder’s items in Picasa on your desktop – there’s a switch in the upper-right of the folder’s title bar area.

You may need to change the sharing permissions for the Picasa folder. If you click the down arrow within the Share button (currently next to a set of icons for the Folder), you can select “Public on the Web” and all should be fine.

Then, your Instagram photos should start to show up as a new album in your Google+ Photos tab. You’ll either need to keep Picasa running in the background or remember to launch it every time you publish a new Instagram photo.

Until Google+ makes it easier to do, you’re going to have to run through these services to share your Instagram photos with your Google+ connections.