How to Sync Google Tasks with Your iPhone

I’ve been struggling recently to find the best task management software. I’ve tried using apps like Remember the Milk, Evernote, and a few that Chris had stumbled upon until I recently discovered the latest idea: Thoughtboxes. However, none seem to sync between devices very well, or fail to group my tasks into separate lists. I don’t need my grocery list on the same page as my to-do list for LockerGnome.

geetasks app for syncs google tasks to iphoneLittle did I realize my solution has been sitting right in front of me, every day, for over a year. Google features its on task management solution, called Tasks, accessible from both Gmail and the Calendar. The interface on the Web is pretty straightforward; you can make a list, and if you set a due date, it appears on your calendar. I know, pretty genius. The hard part is accessing that list from my iPhone. The iPhone already ships with a great way to keep lists (I’m partial to the native Note app for keeping track of my thoughts), but no easy way to sync these lists to Windows computers I use at the office and home.

GeeTasks, an app from Memengo, makes syncing Google Tasks to your iPhone seamless. GeeTasks is available both for free and at a minimal cost, depending on how much you will use it. GeeTasksLite allows you to create up to 10 tasks per list and up to 6 lists, for a total of 60 tasks. However, it also shows ads. The “regular” version of GeeTasks is available in the iTunes store for $2.99, and quickly syncs your lists from your personal Gmail account. You can edit a task, change the due date, add notes, and even assign a task to a different list using GeeTasks. If you use Google Apps, you’ll need to download GeeTasksPro, which is available for $5.99. Both paid versions are ad-free.

What’s your favorite task-management system? Sound off in the comments.