Local Sync with Google Docs

Local Sync with Google DocsLiving in the cloud is all fun and games. It is, at least, until you find yourself falling off the Internet for some strange reason. The fact is, this can happen. And trusting critical documents to a central agency is, to be frank, stupid. This isn’t to say that there isn’t some advantage to running your documents locally. Rather, this is about finding a way to come to a middle point where documents can reside happily both on and off the cloud.

After looking into a number of solutions, I came to find Memeo Connect. It’s what I would call as good as it’s going to get, since it’s still refusing to accept that there is a world beyond Windows and OS X. But despite that oversight, I’ve found that Memeo Connect provides me with a healthy way to sync up documents from all of the different devices running Windows/OS X/iOS. Using what’s called the GDrive, users are able to store their files remotely and then access them as they see fit.

How does this differ from Google Docs?

Oddly enough, the use of Memeo Connect might seem a bit silly at first, since Google Docs already provides its own means of document editing. But where I see Memeo offering an advantage is that a user can edit their documents without having to use a browser or relying on an Internet connection. That’s right; Memeo allows for offline editing. Helpful, when you’re in a position where a Wi-Fi connection might not be all that practical. I also like how any recently added files will then appear in the Memeo Connect application. This saves time, logging in, etc. It’s definitely a real bonus.

Pick your platform

Now the claim to fame is that Memeo Connect offers solutions for multiple platforms. I’d go so far as to say it offers 2 1/2: Windows and then OS X/iOS. Android and Linux distros are all ignored. So this isn’t something that I’d be using every day outside of my iOS devices as this point. For the asking price of $9, it’s not a bad concept. It’s nothing ground breaking, but I’d pay the money again for the ease of document syncing.