OnyX for OS X

Keeping your Mac running smoothly should be the order of business for everyone. The idea is to make it so that you’re not overlooking performance degradation simply because you were under the impression that somehow the Mac is going to magically do this for you. Hardly, as is the case with any OS you need to try to maintain it at some level. With this task in mind, I’ve been fairly happy with a free application called OnyX. Designed specifically for OS X users, it’s available for all of the various releases of OS X.


Part of keeping things running smoothly is the idea behind ensuring a smooth running volume and hard disk. To handle this, the OnyX software provides for verification checks for both S.M.A.R.T Status and the Structure of volume. In most cases, you’ll find that upon a first check that the only issue likely to crop up is the need to do a volume check. Just follow the instructions, along with any requested CD, etc.

OnyX For OS X


Without any question, this isn’t a feature most people are going to find all that critical. Basically this set of options gives you front row control over Finder, the Dock, Safari, etc. It’s basically a simple place to visit to make fast changes to select settings. On the helpful side of things however, it’s nice to see recommendations as to what settings are best for my Mac.


Permissions, scripts, optimizing, and even a reset option. This is a section where you’ll find tools to keep your Mac running smoothly by preventing many issues from becoming problems. The idea is simple: maintain things, and no problems will come about later on. For what it’s worth, the biggest fix I found that was worthwhile is the optimize selection. Just choose Complete Optimization and follow the instructions.

Cleaning and Automation

Keeping things clean might be seen as the same thing as maintenance, but cleaning is more centered around cache clearing, emptying the trash, and other mundane tasks that really shouldn’t require additional software. Where using software for this sort of functionality becomes worthwhile, however, is with the idea of automating it. You heard me. Just use the automation functions and let the software do the heavy lifting for everything above… “automagically.”