How to Create Video Slideshows in Ubuntu

I was recently questioned as how to create video slideshows on Ubuntu. This is a great question, actually, since there are a variety of ways to do this. At its core, taking on a project like creating video slideshows can be really simple or really complex, depending on the software you end up using. In the interest of keeping things simple, I will be highlighting a great program called Imagination. In my opinion, Imagination is the easiest and most reliable method to create killer slideshows in Ubuntu with great success.

Unleash your imagination with Imagination software

Imagine offering your services for a soon to be wedded couple, as someone who can create a DVD with a video slideshow. Using the software known as Imagination, this is completely possible. The software comes complete with a wide number of great transitions, control of the transition speed, relative zoom control, plus a whole lot more. The idea here is that using Imagination allows you to create the kind of slideshow you want, ASAP, without a lot of extra hassles.

How To Create Video Slideshows On Ubuntu

Brain-dead simple controls

From creating new slideshows, opening existing slideshows, and importing music/images with simple zoom controls and a single button preview, Imagination gives you control over your creation without a lot of unnecessary menu hassles. Everything you need is right there in front of you. Also, with the different views available, you can select Preview mode to tackle an individual image or Overview mode to see smaller thumbnails of your images. In either instance, both viewing options provide you with full video and audio controls over to the right.

Video controls

On the right hand side, the video controls are fairly self-explanatory. Select an image, transition, speed, duration, etc. Choose the animation and zoom that works best for you. And of course you have the option to pick out text with your choice of font, too.

Audio controls

In the interest of keeping things simple, the audio controls are minimal. Select your audio tracks, place them in order, and then sample your tracks.

And that’s all there is to it. With the Imagination application, the need for complex instructions is really a moot issue. Just add the images, set things up as you see them, and enjoy!