How to Upload Pictures to Picasa from Your iPhone for Free

Google+ is the hot new social network from Google that features the option to not only share what you’re doing, reading, or thinking, but also pictures, too. You can upload photos to Google+, which will essentially become a part of your Picasa (soon to be renamed Google Photos) account. You can upload pictures directly from your desktop, or by phone. If you have an Android, uploading photos to Google Photos to share on Google+ is easy with the Google+ app for Android. If you have an iPhone, however, this is a little more tricky as Apple has not yet approved the Google+ app for iOS.

To upload pictures to Picasa from your iPhone for free — since it would be silly to pay any money to use such a feature considering Google+ is free — you have a few options. You could email your photos by setting up your Picasa account at to allow you to upload photos by email. Just log in, click the gear icon, then the General tab. Then, check the box Allow me to upload photos by email and save the email address in your phone. You can then just email the photos from your iPhone to Picasa using this email address, which will show up in your Google+ profile.

Upload Pictures to Picasa From Your iPhone for FreeYou could also download an app for your iPhone to help upload pictures to Picasa directly from your iPhone. One app I really like is My Picasso, free from the iTunes App Store. It allows you to browse your Picasa albums and batch upload photos from your iPhone to the Picasa album of your choice. You can also move or delete photos from your albums with My Picasso. There is unfortunately no way to create a new album with My Picasso. Another good app (also free) that can help upload pictures to Picasa from your iPhone is PixUp. This app is slightly older and doesn’t have many advanced features, such as batch uploads, but it does offer the ability to upload a photo to not only Picasa, but also Facebook and Flickr a with just a few extra taps.

These are just a few ways you can upload pictures to Picasa and Google+ from your iPhone — at least until an official Google+ app is available for the iPhone. Let us know what you think about these ideas, or if you have any others, in the comments.