Sonar App for iPhone Helps Connect You with Others at an Event

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk into a room, check your phone, and know who is there, if you know them, how you know them, and who else in the room knows both you and them?

Okay, it sounds a little creepy, but in today’s world where offline and online socializing blurs, that type of app might just make introductions a little less awkward. Just think if you knew that the guy across the room was the CEO of the company to which you just sent a resume, or if that cute girl across the bar actually hates indie music. With, you’ll know who else is in the room, as well as your mutual friends on Twitter and who you mutually follow on Twitter. You can quickly see their Twitter bio, and with access to their full name, you’ll be able to perform a quick background check using your social network of choice. taps into Foursquare’s API, so you can easily find your networking event, concert, or ballgame and see who is surrounding you at the venue. You don’t even have to check in to the venue, which can make choosing your plans more interesting based on how interesting and how connected you are to the people at nearby locations. With, you can see a list of who has already checked in to nearby venues and at a quick glance see profile pictures, full names, and how many friends and followers are shared. With a few more clicks you can see attendees’ Twitter biographies, Twitter names, the ability to follow them right then and there, and navigate to a list of all other mutual connections.

sonar helps connect you make introductions on iphoneThis is where demonstrates its power in making introductions. By clicking on the name of a mutual friend, will generate a tweet, which prods an introduction. Although I didn’t actually attend Bing’s SMX conference down the street, several friends have spent the last few days at the event. I was close enough to test the power of and should I want to meet someone, I could use the power of knowing my friend Akvile Harlow to meet @googleandblog, both of whom are checked into SMX on Foursquare. If I chose, Sonar would make the introduction like this on Twitter on my behalf:

“Hi @googleandblog, @sonarme says we are both friends and Akvile Harlow. how do you know each other? (@SMX Advanced 2011).”

I can only imagine the power of using this while I’m actually at an event — whether to meet my next business prospect, business partner, or perhaps someone a little less professional. The best thing about is that while other apps that integrate with Foursquare’s API suffer from what SingleSquare’s founder calls “empty room syndrome” — where no one is using it — Sonar already pulls in the data of everyone in the room. If you want to use it, everyone you want to meet is already there in the app.

If you want to know who else is in the room, check out and download Sonar for your iPhone from the App Store. Just make sure you connect both your Facebook and Twitter to get the most use — and get the most introductions — from Sonar.