What is the Best Voice Recording App for iOS?

The ability to make voice memos and record lectures has always been a powerful tool for students and as they progress to the workplace. Journalists have long considered a voice recorder to be an invaluable addition to their arsenal, allowing them to capture the information in its entirety and type it up once they returned to the office.

Smartphones, like the iPhone, have given users the promise of replacing a traditional recorder with an app that uses the device’s hardware to recreate the experience of using a voice recorder. The iPhone (not the iPad) comes with a voice recording app already installed. This app is fine for day-to-day use, but it lacks some features that would make it even better. So, what is the best voice recording app for iOS?

Voice Recorder HD, by eFUSION, takes the concept of capturing a simple audio recording and expands on it by adding features that allow you to back up, enhance, and easily browse your audio tracks.

What is the Best Voice Recording App for iOS?One of these features is a built-in Dropbox integration that allows you to upload audio directly to your Dropbox account. This means you don’t have to sync, or even be in the same location, as the system where you want the audio to go. For journalists, this means you can get the information directly to the news room in seconds from anywhere on the globe. For students, having high-quality audio recordings sent directly to your computer from the classroom will take multiple time-consuming steps out of your normal transfer and allow you to get to the information you need faster.

The ability to set recording quality is another great feature included with Voice Recorder HD. If you’re recording for an extended period of time, that audio file can quickly fill up the device, especially if you’re using an iPhone with a limited amount of available space. Lowering this setting can greatly reduce the size of the audio file without sacrificing much in terms of sound quality. Even at the lowest setting, speakers across the room are fairly clear and understandable. The highest quality setting is best for users who wish to use this program to record a quick audio podcast.

Other features include: background recording, widely supported file types, voice memo tagging, email support, unlimited recording time, and support for external microphones (including the iRig Mic).

Over all, Voice Recorder HD is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a well-rounded app that gives you the ability to capture audio using your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) and transfer the information quickly. It loads and is ready to go almost instantly, which is what matters most when those moments come.