Google+ Finally Released for iPhone

The wait is over for Google+ users with iPhones: the official Google+ mobile app is out now on the App Store (check your version number — make sure it’s, as an earlier test version was accidentally released initially). This is great news for iPhone and iPod touch owners, however, there is no iPad native version of the app just yet, so iPad users will need to stick to the mobile site right now, or deal with using the iPhone version in pixel-double mode.

The iPhone app is pretty much a carbon copy of the Android version of Google+, released alongside the service a couple of weeks ago. A Google employee had previously said that the app was submitted to the App Store right after the Android version came out, so we can only assume the delay was due to Apple’s approval process.

However, the app finally coming out is a reason for Google+ iPhone fans to celebrate, as it’s definitely a huge improvement over the mobile site. Here are some of the things that the iPhone app brings to the table (keep in mind, these are also part of the Android app).

Nearby Circle

Swipe to the right from your main stream and you’ll be able to see public posts from people who are near your physical location. This is a great feature for large events like concerts, festivals, and sporting events.

Push Notifications

The mobile Web version of Google+ lacked push notifications (obviously), but now with the iPhone version, you’ll be able to be notified when someone tags you in a post, circles you, comments on your post, or reshares it with others.

Location Check-In

You could check-in with the mobile Web version, but the app allows you to do cool things like attach pictures to your check-in to make them more interesting to your followers.


We finally have a good cross-platform IM tool now, as Huddles is part of Google+ on both iOS and Android. Huddles is a group-chat program that lets you send mass text messages to your circles, and lets everyone easily monitor the discussion going on.

Overall, the Google+ iPhone app is a solid addition to the Google+ family, and the only thing I noticed were some stability issues on iOS 5 (which is to be expected). Head to the App Store and get it now if you’re an iPhone-using Google+er!