How to Use Social Media for Business: Build a Reputation Through Dispensing Advice in Your Field

How to Use Social Media for Business: Build a Reputation Through Dispensing Advice in Your FieldContrary to popular belief, social media is not just a soapbox to shout out your ideas, be they what you had for lunch or your seminar next Saturday. As a business, you can use social media to not only talk about your ideas, but also respond to others to offer advice and answer questions about issues and ideas in your niche. Multiple social platforms are useful for building a reputation by offering advice, and while you don’t need to use each and every tool available, dabbling in each to find the best social network that can help you build your reputation is ideal.

Facebook and Google+ are great social networks to look for people who have a need for advice as they are two of the most expansive social networks with the most active users. Using your Facebook page account, or acting on behalf of your entity on Google+, spend time reading through others’ updates and comments, looking for discussion where you can respond with advice for topics about which you are an expert. While your comments may be unsolicited, other users will read your advice and, if this strategy is implemented over time, it can help build your brand’s reputation as knowledgeable or even an expert in its field.

Another great tool for building your brand’s reputation as knowledgeable is by answering questions on Quora on behalf of your company. Quora is used by many who seek out the advice of thought-leaders, and answering questions and providing advice in this forum about topics in which your business excels can help establish you and your brand as a thought-leader in your industry.

If you are short on time, or would like to proactively reach out to social media users soliciting answers, Twitter is a great way to find people who are asking questions or need help. A Web app called Replyz can search for people asking questions or discussing certain topics that you can define. Then you can reply to these users with your expertise and advice. Using this as part of your social media strategy for business can help promote your reputation as knowledgeable and as an expert in your niche.

While these social media platforms are great tools for sourcing questions and answers, blogs are also a great medium for providing advice and commentary about a topic. Leaving comments on blogs — especially thoughts written by other leaders in your industry — can help build your reputation and further establish the credibility of your business. Just make sure that you always leave contact information when commenting on a blog post so that other readers can discover more about you and your business.