How to Use Social Media for Sales: Actively Participate in the Discussion

How to Use Social Media for Sales: Actively Participate in the DiscussionDon’t you hate door-to-door salesman? Or cold calls from companies right around dinner time trying to sell you a subscription to a newspaper or magazine? It’s not that we hate people stopping by our homes or giving us a call — it’s that we hate people pitching us a product without knowing if we want it or need it. No one minds when the next-door-neighbor’s daughter sells Girl Scout Cookies every year because the Girl Scouts of America have done the research to know that the majority of Americans want Girl Scout Cookies. If you are a business or brand using social media for sales, you need to view pitching a product via a social media platform the same way.

The best way to determine if people want or need your product is to actively participate in discussions to ascertain the need or or desire for your product or service. You may create a presence on social media platforms before you are actually ready to sell, and use this opportunity to start a conversation about what it is your potential customer base really wants. Listening and participating in discussions will allow you to fine tune the service so that your potential customers turn into actual, and returning, customers.

You can participate in these discussions by either starting the conversation yourself on social platforms, or searching for existing conversations about the service or product you are selling or will sell. Using the search feature of Twitter and Facebook you can look for these terms already being mentioned that relate to your brand, and reply to these users to participate in discussions to decide on future features of your product or to include in your services.

Participating in discussions about your brand or business, especially as you develop the concept, will make your product desirable and increase your sales right from the start.