Got Straight Talk Cell Service? Get Vonage at a Discount

I have been a Straight Talk cell phone user for about 10 months and have found the service satisfactory and without issues. Both my wife and I use the 1,000 minute plan for talk and text each, and together we pay about $65 a month with taxes. We are fortunate to live in an area that is serviced by Verizon, which Straight Talk uses, and the quality of service is fantastic for us. Straight Talk also has a plan through AT&T if you opt for a smart phone plan, which is $45 a month plus taxes.

Got Straight Talk Cell Service? Get Vonage at a DiscountYesterday I received an email from the folks at Straight Talk in which they announced they would be offering home phone service, in addition to cell service. The email went on to state that Straight Talk had contracted with Vonage to offer a $5 a month discount for Straight Talk users, and that home phone service would be $19.95 a month. The most important part of the announcement, in my opinion, was that there was no long term contracts to sign. So if you sign up for the service and don’t like it, you can cancel your account without penalty.

I used Vonage as my primary phone for a period of two years. Vonage uses what is called VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, and provides voice communications over your broadband Internet connection. For the most part voice quality is good, but there were dropped calls on occasions. I found that replacing my old router with a router that supported VoIP worked for me to solve the dropped call problem.

For many of us who have cell phones, we must also decide if we still need the traditional land-line or VoIP home phone any longer. Once my wife and I had cell phones we no longer used our home phone and dropped Vonage. However, this posed one issue that we needed to solve. On occasion we have our grandson stay with us after school. If we were gone and there was an emergency, how could he or anyone call for assistance?

We opted to install a MagicJack VoIP phone which costs us only $20 a year and works fine for us. This has added peace of mind knowing that a physical phone is available in our home when we are away and have our cell phones with us.

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