How to Add a Google +1 Button with Friend Annotations to Your Blog

The Google +1 button has been around for a few months now. When the +1 button became available to Web site developers and bloggers in March, the button quickly became a staple in the assortment of social endorsement options on the Internet. Now, users of the Google +1 button can not only use the button to recommend a blog post or article, but end users can actually see which of their friends have already +1d that same article with friend annotations. These annotations appear as a list when you hover over the +1 button.

google plus one button with friend annotationsIf you’re a Web site developer or blog owner who has already installed the +1 button to your site, you don’t need to do anything for your readers to see the new Friend Annotations when they use the Google +1 button. If you haven’t already installed the +1 button, now is never a better time, as this new feature can help increase the virility of your article, as users may be more inclined to share an article if their friends have also +1d it. Adding the Google +1 button is simple and includes the friend annotation functionality built right in.

To add a Google +1 button with friend annotations to your blog, visit the +1 Web master site and create your custom +1 button. You can choose from small (15px), standard (24px), medium (20px) or a tall (60px) size button. You can also choose if you’d like the friend annotations appear in a bubble, inline, or if you want none at all. Other options include your choice of language. Once you have selected your options, copy and paste the generated code into the source code for your blog or Web site — ideally where your other social sharing buttons are already in place — and you’ll be all set with a Google +1 button that includes the new friend annotations.