How to Get More Followers and Keep Them on Twitter

Want more followers on Twitter? If you have something important to say, or have valuable content that you hope to reach thousands of readers, having a large following can help amplify your tweets to reach far more people than just your own follower base. Acquiring more followers and actually keeping them to help amplify your content involves some strategy with a look at best practices for using Twitter. Here are a few suggestions to help get more followers on Twitter and keep them, too:

Don’t tweet too much. While there is no algorithm to help you determine how much to tweet, you don’t want to flood your followers’ streams with too many tweets — especially if these tweets don’t provide any valuable information or news. Keep in mind that most Twitter users only follow 100 other twitter users or less, so anything more than 5-10 tweets a day, aside from any @replies to other users, will clog their Twitter stream. If you have already attained a “celebrity” status in your niche and have thousands of followers, you can break this rule until someone calls you out for tweeting too much, as most of these followers expect and want more tweets from you than other Twitter users.

How to Get More Followers and Keep Them on TwitterDon’t retweet everything. Twitter is a great way to share other Twitter users’ thoughts, opinions, blog posts, and the news they discover. An easy way to do this is with Twitter’s retweet function. While this makes it easy to share other tweets and stay active on Twitter, you still want to make sure your followers are getting unique content generated by you. Using Twitter to aggregate news and quotes from other thought leaders can be useful, but on a personal level. If you want more followers, or want to keep them, make sure you’re offering unique content for your readers that they can also share.

Don’t be negative. Twitter users are comprised of all kinds, with widely ranging political, religious, and aesthetic views. While Twitter is a great medium to share and exchange ideas, it is not the place for constant negativity or inflammatory remarks. No one likes this type of person in the real world, and excessive snarky comments or rude remarks could prevent you from gaining followers and keeping any you have already acquired.

Don’t be selfish or preach from a soapbox. Following other Twitter users is critical to keeping the open dialogue that makes Twitter so successful. If you are not following any other Twitter users — especially following Twitter users who follow you — you may be missing important components of a conversation or a chance to discover new information, data, or opinions. What you have to say is important, and being interested in other tweets can help you develop more ideas to gain new followers and keep current followers interested in you. That said, be sure to keep interacting with your followers so you aren’t constantly “shouting” ideas and links without participating in discussions with your followers about these, or their, ideas.

What are your tips and tricks do you have to gain and keep followers on Twitter? Let us know in the comments.