How to Use Social Media for Health and Wellness: Post and Digest Better Food and Drink Choices

The process of making dining decisions is one of the most well-adopted uses of social media and mobile apps across the US. Not only are mobile apps that take pictures and allow users to review restaurants experiencing a burst in popularity, but Web-based services that help users choose what to eat are also growing in popularity. Using both mobile apps and these online services, you can easily utilize social media to find better food and drink choices, recipes, and preparation options.

If you’re on-the-go and considering what to have for lunch, dinner, or even happy hour, you can use social media tools to find a better food and drink choice than by leaving it to chance. Apps like Yelp make it easy to find the most popular restaurants nearby and read reviews of the restaurant. You can also see pictures and get a general idea of the establishment’s pricing. Other apps, like Foodspotting, function in a similar way, but allow users to recommend specific dishes at a restaurant so you can determine not only where a good place to eat might be, but what you should choose to eat once you’re there.

How to Use Social Media for Health and Wellness: Post and Digest Better Food and Drink ChoicesIf you’re looking to cook at home, many Web sites are available that feature not only guides that include recipes and preparation options, but include a social aspect for discussion and reviews of each recipe. Some of these sites, like Serious Eats, also feature a community component, allowing users to discuss related issues to help you make better food and drink choices, such as if you are dining out or craving something particularly sweet.

If you’re determined to use your favorite social platform to find better food and drink choices, be sure Twitter is part of this list of favorites. People serious about food — called “foodies” — actively (and somewhat obsessively) use Twitter to share details about their dining experiences and post pictures with almost every tweet. These foodies usually tag their tweets with the hashtag “#foodie.” A search in Twitter for “#foodie” will return an up-to-the minute list of people sharing their food, drink, and recipe choices. You can also navigate through the results to find more helpful information, such as related blogs or Web sites.

How do you use social media to find better food and drink choices and/or recipes? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments.