How to Convert a LinkedIn Profile to a Resume

While many job seekers get their foot in the door to a career these days by networking and utilizing online profiles and portfolios, a traditional resume is still required for most job applications and to accompany a cover letter. If you’re a LinkedIn user with a LinkedIn profile, you have likely already entered all the data necessary for a resume, including a summary of your qualifications, work history, additional skills and even extracurricular interests. Instead of copying and pasting this data into Microsoft Word, which can get messy when formatting with dozens of indents and bullet points, LinkedIn has made it simple to easily convert your LinkedIn profile to a traditional resume with the Resume Builder.

To start converting your LinkedIn profile to a resume using Resume Builder, sign in with LinkedIn and then choose a template. You can rearrange the order of content on your resume by switching to “outline” view, as well as edit certain fields like your contact information. The rest of the data is gathered entirely from your LinkedIn profile and cannot be edited without editing your LinkedIn profile first. This is initially frustrating, but can prevent you from submitting conflicting information to a potential employer.

How to Convert a LinkedIn Profile to a ResumeAfter you finish creating your resume, you can then easily download the resume as a PDF to attach to a cover letter sent by email, or print your resume to either mail or present face to face when pitching for (or during) an interview. The finished resume designed in LinkedIn’s resume builder is extremely professional, yet traditional. The clean formatting and design paired with a comprehensive outline of the skills, experiences, and specialities pulled from your LinkedIn profile make this tool a great choice for those creating a resume from scratch.

If you use LinkedIn, check out the Resume Builder to start building your next resume.