Get Things Done with Location-Based Reminders on Your iPhone

I love task management systems. While this personally dates back to being the most excited for a new year in school because of the planner teachers handed out to us, I still have quite a thing for finding the best way to manage my time and my tasks, especially by apps and services that are modeled after the GTD (Getting Things Done) theory to accomplish these tasks in the most efficient way possible.

Previously, I raved about Things, one of the best task management solutions for individuals running Mac OS X and/or on iOS. However, Things is very much geared towards accomplishing tasks at your desk. It is ideal for managing multiple projects, assignments, even for several different clients. For day-to-day task management, you may find that you need to get things done based on where you are. If you are armed with iOS 4 or later, you can now get notified about what you need to do based on where you are with Cues.

Cues delivers location based remindersCues is an app that sends a notification when you are near somewhere that requires something to be done — such as your grocery shopping when near the store, picking up the dry cleaning, or even feeding the dog as soon as you get home. You can easily add a “cue,” choosing a title and a note about the task. The event can be repeating; in the event you need to buy bananas every time you go to the store, for instance, you can set Cues to notify you when you are entering the area or leaving it. The latter setting is ideal for those who need to be reminded about what what to do and where to go next. Cues is designed with the GTD theory in mind, helping you accomplish daily tasks the most efficient way possible by letting you know when you are near a location where you can cross something off your list.

While there are several other similar apps, Cues has a beautiful and intuitive UI. It does drain battery life more than normal, though, as Cues constantly checks for your location when you have cues. For those who need a simple system to remind them of daily tasks — especially those unrelated to their career — Cues is a solid choice (just make sure you have your charging cables nearby when using this app throughout the day). Cues is available for $1.99 in the App Store and works on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 4 or later.