How to Remove the New Facebook News Ticker

Facebook has been a great, if not addictive way to keep up with friends and family by reading their updates and browsing pictures and links shared. Facebook has apparently crossed a threshold of providing too much of this activity to Facebook users with the new ticker, which seems to have pissed off more than a few users. Updates on Facebook, as well as Twitter and Google+, have expressed a very vocal disdain of the ticker, which some say makes Facebook move too fast and takes up previous space in the chat buddy list. Every single friend on Facebook’s public activity appears in this ticker, and for those with more than a few hundred friends, the ticker can actually be impossible to use as new updates appear at least every few seconds.

Facebook News Ticker Remover - Chrome Web StoreFor those who use Chrome as their Web browser, you can easily remove the ticker from Facebook and regain a sense of unobtrusive peace and quiet. This extension, called the Facebook Ticker Remover and available in the Chrome Web Store, is free and easy to install. Once active, you will need to hide the chat bar. Normally, this will force the ticker to appear above your birthday and events module in the right sidebar of the Facebook homepage. With the Facebook Ticker Remover installed, the ticker will not appear in the sidebar when the chat bar is hidden.

The ticker will still appear in the chat window when opened, but users can minimize the impact of this ticker by dragging the horizontal bar that separates the ticker from the chat buddy list as far to the top as possible. This will show only allow enough space for one update at a time to scroll through.

Until Facebook provides an option to turn the ticker off altogether, the Facebook Ticker Remover is one of the best solutions to removing the Ticker without resorting to covering it up with a post-it note.