Will Amazon Announce a Color Kindle Tablet on Wednesday?

Amazon, the leading online retailer, sent out an event notice to all major news agencies and bloggers. The press release and invitation is set for this coming Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 in the Big Apple. One would find it hard to believe that Amazon would be hosting such a large event to announce a new lineup of washing machines and dryers.The Internet buzz is that Amazon could announce its first tablet computer, a device that could potentially take on the Apple iPad.

So why would an Amazon Kindle tablet computer be a success? Amazon has many attributes that many of the other companies such as Samsung, Motorola, HP, Acer, and others do not have. Amazon has already shown that it can produce, service and support a device with its very popular Kindle brand e-reader. Amazon also has the experience in providing application downloads for the Android operating system. The biggest advantage that Amazon has over other computer companies is that it has fine tuned its retail operations and the company basically has set the standard for online retailing.

Amazon also has an active music download service and also video streaming. I have used and downloaded MP3 music from Amazon and the system has worked flawlessly. Since I am a Prime member, I also have the advantage of having streamed movies and TV programs to my home HDTV via a Roku, and this service has worked perfectly as well. Though what Amazon currently offers to Prime members is limited, I would venture a guess that with little effort, Amazon could expand this service to include more recently released movies and TV programming.

Amazon has enough ammunition available to successfully market an Android tablet computer that could actually compete where others have failed. Even if Amazon’s Kindle Tablet computer is not an ‘iPad killer,’ Amazon could be offering a product to fill the current void for a reliable, well built, inexpensive tablet computer for those consumers who are price conscious and don’t won’t to spend $500 or more to buy an Apple iPad. I personally believe that if Amazon can get the price down for its tablet computer to $300 or below, these units will sell like hotcakes.

This is just my two cents. What do you think?

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