The Four People You Should Follow on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best sources to get real-time news and updates about almost anything happening in the world. Tech bloggers discuss new apps and gadgets before publishing on their respective blogs, and traditional media and journalists detail developing stories before they air on the next newscast. The short, quick nature of Twitter makes it easy for anyone to share details about their life, jobs, and hobbies without needing to sit down to write a comprehensive story or blog post. To use Twitter as a news stream, populated by the people who matter most to you, make sure you are following these four types of people on Twitter.

The Four People You Should Follow on TwitterJournalists and Media

Local and national media is quickly and widely adopting the use of Twitter to not only share stories, but also reach out to their communities for opinions, insight, or more details. Be sure you follow your local broadcast and print media on Twitter to stay up to date with developing news, as well as have a chance to become a part of the story. Most Twitter accounts from media are listed on their Web sites, but you can Google for their accounts, too, by typing in something like “Channel 4 Seattle Twitter” — or use the name of station if you know.


While Facebook is the most widely used social media platform, now boasting over 800 million users, several of your friends likely use Twitter as well — and use it very differently than they use Facebook. Some of my friends from high school and college — who are not social media savvy by any means — use only Twitter to share information about their shopping habits or detail their opinions about sporting events. If your friends are using Twitter, be sure to follow them for insight into their lives and opinions in a way they don’t share elsewhere.

Thought Leaders

Regardless of whether your job is in tech or retail, there are individuals, organizations, and companies who pave the path for your industry. These people and businesses can help you discover new or better ways to do your job, advance in your career, or even advise changes to help you and your business thrive, which will likely impress your boss. Consider using a service like Listorious to find these types of people to follow on Twitter.


While you can use Twitter to keep up with people who can impact your job, there are thousands of people on Twitter who talk about what they do for fun. If you’re a flag-football fanatic or find therapy in baking cupcakes for all of your friends, there are other like-minded people on Twitter who can offer recipes, feedback, an opportunity to join a local group in which to participate, or just casual conversation with like-minded people. To find people who have the same interests and hobbies as you, use Twitter’s Advanced Search to search for specific terms and types of people to follow.