Use Twitter to Poll Your Friends and Followers with Wedgies

Crowdsourcing is so hot right now. Facebook users love the “Ask Question” feature to poll their friends to impact a decision they have to make, decide which movie to watch, or collect a series of answers, and Facebook pages can now embed a survey from SurveyMonkey to poll followers and customers about their opinions and decisions. There are also apps like Swayable where users pick one of two options both on the Web or with their smartphone, as well as dozens of other services and apps users can poll fans, friends, and followers with like WuFoo, Poll Daddy, and SurveyGizmo (just to name a few).

Ask a question with wedgiesNow, a new app called Wedgies makes it easy to poll users by creating a simple, social survey that makes voting easy by only requiring users to click on a URL to cast their vote. Wedgies allows users to ask a simple question and present two options from which to answer. If a user can keep the question and answers under 140 characters, users can click on the option for each answer right from Twitter, eliminating the need to visit a third party app or Web site. This is also useful for users who want to ask questions via email or SMS. Wedgie survey creators can also add an image to each answer, allowing users to pick an answer based on each image provided. The local tech community in Las Vegas used Wedgies to choose their new logo.

Not only are Wedgies surveys great for asking text-based questions, but each survey can be embedded on another Web site, such as a blog. The widget retains all components of the survey, such as images, and shows how many votes have been cast. Voting on any Wedgies survey reveals the total votes for each answer, and votes are geo-tagged to show votes by users based on location.

Wedgies was created by Porter Haney and Jimmy Jacobsen, who built Wedgies becauseask a question on twitter, they said, “We saw how awful normal Web surveys were to build and take. We wanted a simpler solution that gave survey creators an easier way of getting their feedback.” Wedgies is indeed a simple solution and it completely disrupts typical forms of surveys. By letting users create and share surveys where voting occurs by only clicking shortened URLs, a wedgie survey can be taken literally almost anywhere and by anyone and is ideal for polling followers on Twitter.

You can create your own Wedgies survey to share with friends and followers, or see others in action, by visiting