Five Reasons to Use Twitter

Whether you’re finally fed up with Facebook, can’t get a grasp on the functionality of Google+, or want to follow the latest in news and gossip without bookmarking dozens of Web sites, Twitter is the best social network you aren’t using yet. With Twitter, you can easily follow the updates of almost anyone else, including national and local news sources, celebrities, bloggers, and even your friends. If this isn’t enough to convince you to start using Twitter, here are five reasons you should.

There’s no need for bookmarks or RSS feeds.

If you follow several blogs or bookmark dozens of gossip and otherwise legitimate news Web sites, Twitter can eliminate your need to read through an RSS feed or click on several bookmarks to get your share of the news. By following the Twitter accounts related to the blogs and news sources you already read every day, you can read up-to-the-minute updates from these sources — even before they break the gossip on their blog or Web site.

You can stay informed.

Checking the local news Web site is one of the last things anyone thinks to do during their day, let alone check national and global news sources. With Twitter, you can follow dozens of news sources that provide news that is important to you and then add each of these Twitter account to a list. If you have a few minutes throughout the day, you can check this Twitter list for a comprehensive stream of the biggest news stories of the day — or at least the type of news that matters to you.

You can build relationships with celebrities.

When I was growing up, the only way to get attention from a celebrity was sending a letter in and requesting an autograph. Now, users of Twitter can not only follow the thoughts and life of almost every celebrity, but reply to their tweets to start a conversation with them. Celebrities like Alyssa Milano are especially easy to engage with on Twitter, as she consistently responds to other Twitter users who mention her or ask her questions.

You can share more about you.

With Twitter’s 140 character limit, it’s easy to quickly post an update about your life, react to a news story, or a share a useful blog post you found. Other Twitter users can follow you to keep up with your interesting news and insights, which could help build new friendships or professional relationships. While having a blog can accomplish this, Twitter is an easy way for more people to get to know you on a personal level, which could help supplement your real-life friendships or help serve as a point of reference when looking for something like a new roommate.

You can get a job.

Twitter is becoming one of the best ways to curate job leads and start a conversation with the company, all on Twitter. Many Twitter accounts exist to only tweet about job openings in specific industries, and you may also find specific Twitter users who are so well connected they also tweet often about job opportunities in your field. If you find a job lead in which you’re interested, you can also use the opportunity to have a casual cup of coffee or lunch to discuss the job in more detail and so the company can get to know you better. This could help you bypass a formal interview entirely, or accelerate your position in the interview process.

Twitter users, what are your reasons for using Twitter instead of a different social network? Let us know in the comments.