Get Paid to Take Pictures for Strangers with Crowdmug

If you’re an iPhone addict with a slight tendency to take pictures of anything and everything, a new app lets you take pictures and get paid for it. Crowdmug is an app that lets users request photos from locations and get paid for providing the requested feature. The app is useful for those who want to see a vacation destination before they go, whether a bar or restaurant is crowded, or knowing if a space is appropriate for a meeting or group gathering.

Get Paid to Take Pictures for Strangers with CrowdmugWith Crowdmug — only available for iOS users for now — users both make and fulfill requests for photos. Though the app has only been live for a few days, there are already several offers on the board, which can be filtered based on those nearby and those everywhere else. If you happen to live in a big city or work for a popular tech company, there may be even more options for you to make a few bucks. Offers tend to be low for now, averaging about $2 per photo. But as these are likely strangers who can’t get to the city — whether for work or play — you can recoup the cost of your daily coffee by snapping these shots and then cashing out via either PayPal or check.

While Crowdmug has a primarily commercial purpose, I wouldn’t be surprised if more users took advantage of the service to ask other users to check out a potential apartment or house before you can relocate to see it for yourself, or to crowdsource pictures of dorms and college campuses to help an accepted student check out their future campus without needing to actually visit the school.

Crowdmug is an innovate and fun way to take pictures and make little extra cash in the process. Download Crowdmug from the iTunes App Store, and stay tuned — an Android version is on its way.