How to Be a Social Media Rockstar

Almost two years ago a I responded to a Craigslist ad that got me in the door of a company to start a career in managing social media and blogging. The title of the ad? “Blogging Rockstar Wanted.” At the time, I thought that was cute and catchy. Now, I know that being a “social media rockstar” is the dream for thousands of bloggers and Twitter addicts, let alone “social media managers.” If you’re striving to join the ranks of people like Chris Pirillo, Chris Brogan, and Brian Solis, consider these five essentials to becoming a social media rockstar.

Create Content
Related buzzword: Transparency

How to Be a Social Media RockstarCreating valuable, important, and relevant content is key to becoming a social media rockstar. Most rockstars update their Twitter account several times per day, as well as post interesting content to their Facebook account. Rockstars are also usually bloggers, as indicated by not only the ad on Craigslist I responded to but also the sheer number of rockstars who leverage their blog for authority — and attention. When creating content, be sure to be honest and clear about what your point is and intentions are.

Connect With Others
Related buzzword: Relationships

No one is a rockstar without a huge audience — and a team to support them along the way. Connecting with other established rockstars for mentorship and talking with others about your ideas can help you get on the right track and build a following in the process.

Reply, Retweet, and Respond
Related buzzword: Engagement

No one likes to follow or be friends with other people who use their social media platforms to shout from a pedestal. Part of being a rockstar is connecting with your followers and fans — and I don’t mean by sending autographs in a SASE. Be sure to reply to those who send you @mentions, and retweet others’ tweets that are also unique and interesting. Don’t forget to respond to friends on Facebook — even if you’ve known them since third grade. At the end of the day, your close friends and family are your strongest pillar of support. Don’t leave them in the dust.

If you really want to be a social media rockstar, be sure to also manage a presence on several social networks — including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ — and your own blog to draw more fans, followers, and readers to impact your rockstar status. Just remember that, for most, this level of popularity doesn’t happen overnight — even for real rockstars. Being consistent and patient while developing your content is the most critical for building a following that eventually hangs on to your every word.

Are you a social media rockstar? Let us know your tips for success in the comments.

Photo above shared by antjeverena via Flickr.