How to Change Who Sends You Notifications on Google+

The Google+ team is constantly adding and updating features in the attempt to make Google+ the best social network on the Internet. The choice for users to choose which notifications they receive has been an example of how Google+ allow its users to completely control their Google+ experience, but until now users have had to choose how to apply notifications from every user on Google+. As a result, some users have had to choose to turn off some notifications to prevent getting bombarded by notifications from people they have never met or otherwise don’t care about.

Change who can notify you on google plusNow, Google+ users have the ability to choose who can send you notifications on the social network. With the new setting users can choose whether they want to receive any notifications from people beyond their extended circles, immediate circles, specific people or even at all. Google states in its announcement of the new feature that changing this setting limits who can trigger a notification when they share with you individually, select Notify about this post (when sharing to a circle you’re in), mention your name, invite you to a hangout, or invite you to play or send you messages from a game. (You’ll still be notified by anyone who comments on your posts or adds to your circles.)

For now, Google+ users can only choose one group to customize the delivery of notifications, and not customize notifications for separate circles or individuals. If you don’t change this new setting, the default will be set to send you notifications from anyone in your extended circles. If you do want to change this setting, visit your Google+ settings and change Who can send you notifications under theĀ Who can interact with you and your posts section in the settings. If you don’t see this option yet, sit tight — Google says it is rolling out the new feature slowly.

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