Minecraft Basics: How to Build a Fence, Table, and Lamp Post

“I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay! I sleep all night and I work all day…” Monty Python

In this handy video, LockerGnome’s Matthew Sabia shows all of you Minecraft fanatics how to make fences, tables, and glowing lamp posts that will guide you through those dark, cold, and mysterious Minecraft evenings. (Beware the Testificates that go bump in the night!)

Minecraft Basics: How to Build a Fence, Table, and Lamp PostFences, in the world of Minecraft, serve pretty much the same purpose that they do in real life: they keep things (from livestock to monsters to children) penned in, or they dissuade intruders from coming inside. They can also create visual boundaries in order to separate one piece of property from another, or even just be propped up for simple decoration. Building fences is a pretty straightforward affair in Minecraft, which can be done for as long as you have enough resources. Since there’s no Home Depot in Minecraft, you’ll have to go gather the wood yourself. Watch out for virtual splinters!

A couple of benches and a table are created with a crafty positioning of fence posts, stairs, and pressure plates. Once completed, the assembly winds up looking like a very cozy booth at a rustic, backwoods Denny’s. There might not be enough room for a whole family to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner, but a couple cups of coffee and maybe some muffins would probably fit nicely. Just pretend.

Illuminated lamp posts are a little tricky, but worth the effort. They cast a formidable amount of light, and can be built as tall as you’d like (again, within the limits of your resources, of course). In this video, Matthew makes building these handy implements look easy (and with such guidance, it really is).

Do you play Minecraft? What sorts of things do you dream up and build from scratch? Drop us a line and share your secrets with the rest of the class!