Find My Friends is a Great App – if You’re a Stalker

With the release of iOS 5 last week, Apple also unveiled four apps to complement the new OS platform. One of these apps, Find My Friends, goes where no app — not even Foursquare — has gone before. With Friend My Friends, iOS users can invite their friends to share their location with you. This location is updated automatically, so you can constantly keep tabs on their whereabouts. Creepy? Without a doubt. Should you be able to con an unsuspecting girl or guy you have an unhealthy crush on, you can track their every moment, which essentially turns you into the stalker of the 21st century.

Of course, the other user has to allow you to follow their location, and why anyone would grant this permission confuses me. Not only does the user you share the information with know your every move, but that person could share this information with anyone via any method. The last thing you want is to innocently share your location with your best friend and have them alert the presses (or at least, everyone on Facebook) when they find you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be late on a Friday night.

If you were gifted a new iPhone 4S last week, you should be especially cautious of this app on your phone. Even spouses and significant others can be secret stalkers (or insanely jealous) and use the app to track your every move. A story published on the MacRumors forum over the weekend highlighted the ability for a (creepy) husband to secretly activate Find my Friends on his wife’s phone to track her in an attempt to catch her cheating. It apparently worked, though the story has not been verified. True or not, the story is incredibly plausible.

While you may not have control over apps that have been installed on your phone, consider deleting this app if you have it to prevent constantly broadcasting your every location. There are other apps for families that want to help track their children, but for most adults, this app is only useful for stalkers.

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