How to Undo Facebook Timeline Conversion

Update January 11, 2011: There is currently no known way to undo the Facebook Timeline conversion. Any “tricks” you may see are likely a scam and/or an attempt to hack your Facebook account. Do not click on these links!

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Update December 16, 2011: Facebook has officially begun rolling out Timeline to all Facebook users. This means that the new Timeline profile design will be automatically enabled for all Facebook users, and there does not appear to be an option to revert to the “old” profile style. If you previously enabled Timeline as a developer, you will no longer be able to “undo” the conversion, as discussed below.

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Were you one of the thousands of eager Facebook users who enabled the new Timeline profile design by creating a new app as a Developer as soon as Facebook announced the new feature in September? If so, you’re still one of the few who is using the new layout for your Facebook profile, as Facebook has yet to unveil Timeline for all users — and the way it looks, it could still be a while, if ever, before this new layout becomes standard for all users. While the design is definitely different, it has not been entirely well received because of the archive of personal information it automatically displays. Additionally, the content on a profile with Timeline doesn’t always flow in a logical manner. In fact, it’s actually pretty hard to read.

If you want to revert your profile back to the normal profile design, it is entirely possible, and only takes a few seconds. To activate the option to use the Timeline, you needed to authorize the Facebook Developer app and then create at least one app. After this, you just needed to navigate to your own profile and wait for the invitation to try out Timeline and then active the new design.

To undo the Facebook Timeline conversion, Facebook users with Timeline will need to revisit the Facebook Developer app (you can search for it) and then delete the app that was created to activate the option for Timeline. The option to delete the app is on the left side when you open the options for the app. (If, for some reason, you created more than one app, you will need to delete these, too). After you delete every app successfully, you will see the Welcome to the Develop App screen in the app. Then, just head back to your profile, and it will have been automatically reverted back to the normal layout we all know and (mostly) love more.

Of course, if you’re not a developer and you enabled Timeline, there is no other option to automatically undo the conversion — at least for now. Users in this situation can try contacting Facebook if they really hate the new layout, or just wait to see what Facebook ultimately does — or doesn’t do — with the new Timeline design.

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