New Startup Spinnakr Helps Blogs, Websites Target Visitors

Maintaining a website or blog can be time-consuming, complicated, and sometimes a crapshoot in terms of who finds your brand’s site or blog. While your blog’s content and website message may be targeted towards a certain demographic, other potential clients and consumers may find your page — yet you may not be ready for them. And while people who make a conscious choice to read your content are usually inherently interested in your content, readers who stumbled upon your site from another website — such as via press coverage — may not know why they specifically should be interested in your business. If you’re launching a new startup or product, maintaining the interest of these readers is critical for converting them to customers. However, as a blog owner and contributor myself, I know that creating content that caters to anyone who might read my blog — or LockerGnome’s — on a daily basis is impossible.

What if there was a way to greet certain types of visitors with a tailored message that is more applicable to their interests than most of your content itself? There has always been the option to code complicated JavaScript to do this; my favorite from “back in the day” was greeting my blog’s readers with “good morning” or “good evening” depending on their timezone. (I also liked scrolling status bars, but let’s not go there.) Website development has thankfully advanced since the late ’90s, and now apps and services are emerging that allow almost any blog owner to create these customized messages without diving deep into the source code. My favorite is from a new startup called, which is part of the newest class of Dave McClure’s 500 Startups.

New Startup Spinnakr offers targeted messagesSpinnakr is a service that allows blog owners to create simple customized messages that appear on any given website or blog based on a few rules. Adam Bonnifield, one of the cofounders of Spinnakr, started developing the app after he realized that most of the Web treats people who are coming to a website all the same way. The customized messages, which can be managed and generated either from Spinnakr’s website or a WordPress plugin, are essentially direct calls to action target to specific visitors. While that might sound complicated, Bonnifield explains that most websites only have a few different types of visitors who need different targeted messages at any given time.

In fact, Spinnakr’s own website demonstrated the effectiveness with a message it customized and implemented on its site after TechCrunch initially covered the newest class of 500 Startups. Since I visited Spinnakr’s website after reading the TechCrunch article, I was greeted with a message designed to help educate TechCrunch readers more about what goes on behind the scenes of 500 Startups. Most visitors would be especially interested in this — perhaps even more than the info about Spinnakr itself — which thereby kept new visitors on its website and blog much longer to cultivate more interest in the product. This use of its own service demonstrated how powerful a customized message can be for new startups and businesses drawing traffic because of press coverage, as users can design a customized message based on where the visitor came from.

Of course, any blog or website owner can benefit from such a service — especially since targeted messages have been shown to help readers stay on a website up to four or five more minutes than on average. Many blogs (including ours) now feature “recommended reads” popups to help readers stay on the blog a little bit longer while visiting a few extra pages. But if you’re concerned about the impact these numbers have on your blog or website’s ranking in Google, Spinnakr could be essential to maintaining a higher rank in search results for your brand or blog. Additionally, the use of a customized message service like Spinnakr can boost the fan to customer conversion rate up 300% according to Bonnifield, which makes the service not only ideal for maintaining the relevance of your blog, but helping you make more money, too.

Spinnakr is not the first company to offer this type of service, as other services offer a similar product, though for large scale businesses such as Amazon and Home Depot. For the small business or independent blog, Spinnakr is a much more ideal solution — especially since it costs much less (it’s free to get started) and easy to use. All you have to do is drop in a line of code to your website and configure the rest at Spinnkar’s website. (You can also use a WordPress plugin to manage your targeted messages.) Currently over 100 websites are using Spinnakr, including several others from the current class of 500 Startups (such as GoVoluntr), with 700 more websites in the queue.

Spinnakr’s targeted messages could be used for just about anything, whether responding to press coverage, greeting certain visitors in a foreign language, for recruiting efforts, announcing a new product, or even inviting users to one of your social media profiles.

Right now, Spinnakr is in invite-only beta, but you can jump to the front of the line with an exclusive invite just for LockerGnome readers. Be one of the first 100 to use the code LOCKERGNOME, and you’ll be able to try out Spinnakr before almost anyone else.

Whether you’re a brand with a website or an independent blog, Spinnakr is an ideal way to help keep readers, or even convert them to paying customers, without messy backend code. (Unless, of course, you still like using glowing text and flashing backgrounds on your website.) You can read more about Spinnakr at, and be sure to let us know if you try out the new service.