First Reviews of the Amazon Kindle Fire Seem Misguided

On November 14th, 2011, one day before its scheduled debut, PC World and Engadget reviewed the Amazon Kindle Fire. To me, these reviews missed the consumer group that Amazon is targeting, and the main point of the Kindle Fire’s creation: a tablet that the masses can afford. However, while the unit has a solid feel and its price point makes it one of the least expensive tablets on the market, the reviews mainly focus on all the negatives, offering nothing but complaints and criticism.

I can only suggest that they were trying to compare the Amazon Kindle Fire to other tablets, especially the Apple iPad, which is completely ludicrous. Even to say that the Amazon Kindle Fire looks and feels like a BlackBerry PlayBook is like making a comparison between a Honda and a Mercedes. So, in my opinion, the reviewers misguidedly chose to forget that you can’t compare the Amazon Kindle Fire that is selling for $199 to any other tablet when there is no other one, at that price, available on the market.

First Reviews of the Amazon Kindle Fire Seem MisguidedThe consumer, and the reviewer, must remember that when you pay $199 for a tablet computer, you are getting what you pay for — no more and no less. Admittedly, there is no camera, no micro SD slot, only 8 GB storage on board, no HDMI, only 512 MB of memory, and it lacks the bells and whistles of the models starting at $499. This is exactly what Amazon had to do to get the price down and give the masses what they have been asking for, plain and simple.

I know that when I bought my Samsung smart phone, priced at $149 (which uses the Straight Talk network), I did not expect the phone to be an Apple iPhone. When I bought my Nissan Rogue, I did not have any misconceptions about what I was buying and I did not expect a Lexus; accordingly, I had no expectations when I bought my Toshiba laptop PC that it would be comparable to a MacBook Pro. So what do I expect from the Amazon Kindle Fire when it arrives this Thursday?

I expect a reliable tablet with satisfactory performance. No more. No less.

What do you expect?

Comments welcome.

PS Amazon notified me that my Amazon Kindle Fire will be arriving on Wednesday November 16, 2011.