How to Make the Most of a Google+ Brand Page

Google+ just released brand pages last week and by now you’ve probably made one for your business or just to find out what it’s all about. We’re going to run down how you can get the most out of your Google+ brand page for being recognized by creating something eye catching to draw people in.

Anyone can make a page and put content on it, but it goes beyond the cut and paste method to create something eye catching enough to draw a visitor in, have them look at your content, and make them want to explore what you have to offer.

Accessing your page can be quite tricky at first and Google hasn’t made finding where to change a personal profile into a page very intuitive. To do this, click on the home page button of Google+; below your name on the right-hand side, you’ll see a drop down menu to select between your personal and page profiles.

How to Make the Most of a Google+ Brand PageSee who’s added you and add them back. One of the limitations with pages is that you can’t just add anyone in the world; you have to be added first before you can add back. To see who’s in your circles, click on the Circles tab on the page profile and you can add people back and arrange them in specific circles. A good tip is to add them back in a specific category to keep track of them like a VIP or Authors category, so later others can see what the page values.

Tell your current audience about your new brand page; advertise it on your personal profile or even on your Twitter stream. Under the Getting Started area of the pages, a helpful URL window will be displayed to find your personal URL. Because these URLs can be long and confusing, try a shortening service like or to make a custom short URL for your page — that way people can find your page easier.

Remove features that aren’t relevant to you. If posting videos or pictures on your brand page aren’t your thing, remove them from the edit screen. Users looking at these tabs and seeing no content may deter them from wanting to circle your page or coming back because of its seeming incompleteness.

Link and embed widgets to get more following. If you have a website, you may consider putting a Google +1 button linking to your page or even an icon for readers to click on and be redirected to your Google+ page. Remember to advertise where your audience is strongest, so if you have a vast following on Twitter, try putting your Google+ Page link in your description or on YouTube mention your page at the end of your videos and link to it in the description.

Hide your follower count. If you’re a growing brand or person, it might be wise to hide your following count early on until you have a sufficient amount of followers that you wish to show off and brag about. If your brand is just starting out and your numbers aren’t high, that could give visitors a bad impression by seeing low numbers.

Fill our your information, including About section and links. It’s always wise to fill up the About Us section because it gives your readers something to read and feel how passionate you are about what you do. If you can, give them a brief history of your business or a description of what you do and what you offer. If you also have a website, be sure to link to it in the About section for extra traffic and exposure.

Be creative with your photos. Your brand page allows for a main profile photo and several smaller scrapbook-like photos where you can add anything you’d like. Be creative and use that space to show off a product that you might be offering or just spell out your company across the page with the smaller image boxes. The possibilities are endless and the more creative you are, the more time people are going to spend on the page and keep coming back.

Post constantly. I don’t mean every minute, but just a constant amount where people are going to want to come back and see what’s new. If you create a page and forget about it, chances are your audience is going to forget about it, too. Adding images of products or links to things relevant to your site helps drive more traffic and more shares to your content.

I hope you enjoyed this quick guide on how to get the most out of your Google+ brand page. If you have any questions or ideas to help others build their brand pages, leave them in the comments below.