The Amazon Kindle Fire: Observations and Simple Solutions

For those of you who are new to LockerGnome, let me catch you up on my experience with the Amazon Kindle Fire. I received my Amazon Kindle Fire on November 17, 2011, and from my research into the product I already knew and understood the device’s limitations. So, while some rushed to judgment and criticized the Fire, I put the device through its paces and confirmed what it could and couldn’t do.

The experience of watching Netflix movies and TV shows has been excellent. For any of you who have watched a Netflix movie or other content on an Android phone, you may have experienced the video and sound not syncing correctly, but this is not the case with the Fire, which syncs them perfectly. Additionally, I have found that music from sources like Pandora or TuneIn Radio play flawlessly and are extremely clear. Free content abounds from both sources with a variety of sounds that should meet everyone’s needs.

The Amazon Kindle Fire: Observations and Simple SolutionsHowever, one must note that some users are complaining about the Amazon Kindle Fire not having an exterior volume control. What is not being said is that you can adjust the volume by simply clicking on the small arrow at the bottom of the screen, then clicking on the gear (settings) at the top of the screen and finally adjusting the sliding volume control. The same thing applies for those who complain that there is no Home button. Press the small arrow at the bottom of the screen and the Home button (shaped like a house — go figure!) will magically appear on the left side of the screen.

The bottom line is this: The Amazon Kindle Fire is not an Apple iPad; one can’t deny that the Apple iPad is the diva of electronic tablets. But the Amazon Kindle Fire, with its advantageous price point, should be able to control its own spectrum of the market. Remember that not everyone can afford the hefty $499 plus asking price for the iPad while the Kindle is only $199, making one hard pressed to find a better device on the market that performs as well as the Amazon Kindle Fire. I highly recommend the Amazon Kindle Fire for anyone who is looking for a reliable, useful tablet at a desirable price point.