Five Low-Tech Angry Birds Spin-Offs

On Thanksgiving day, I was astonished to discover that my neighbor was basically unfamiliar with the Angry Birds game. This, however, became evident when I was showing him my Amazon Kindle Fire and he spotted the Angry Bird icon. It was at that point that he asked to see a demonstration of the game and let me quickly know that he was surprised that a game of such simplicity could garner the attention of such a large number of intelligent game players.

Despite his negative comments, however, Angry Birds has undoubtedly become one of the most popular games for use on electronic products. However, if you prefer other family entertainment avenues, here are some alternative ways to enjoy the Angry Birds game. These five alternative options could make a nice gift this holiday season.
Five Low-Tech Angry Birds Spin-Offs

  • Angry Birds Knock On Wood: This board game promises to bring all of the action of the Angry Birds electronic game into your living room. To fulfill this promise, the manufacturer includes three Angry Birds, four pigs, and enough wooden pieces to built a variety of different structures as well as a slug-shot, aka bird launcher, to propel the Angry Birds through the air. In addition, the game incorporates a point system, through a series of drawing cards, that makes it possible to rack up a wide range of points.
  • Angry Birds Card Game: This quieter version is offered for family play by the creators of the very popular Uno game. Its similarity to the game above includes the use of cards, but the game also includes a single die to establish turn play for toppling the pigs and their structures.
  • Angry Birds Bird Toss: This version is basically for toddlers and is basically a take-off on the old bean bag throw, but in this game kids throw Angry Birds through cut-outs in a board instead of bean bags.
  • Angry Birds and Pig cake/cupcake toppers: Want to make the most of the Angry Birds theme for your next party? Then these decorations may be just the thing. Available toppers include plastic replicas of both the games Angry Birds and Pigs, which are destined to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.
  • Twelve Angry Birds and Pigs Figures set: This set includes all of the Angry Birds and Pigs featured on the game. Who could want anything more?

If this isn’t enough, you can also obtain Angry Bird key-chains, temporary tattoos, and stickers of all kinds on

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