Is the Internet Just for Fun and Diversion?

A recent PEW Research Centers Internet & American Life report confirmed what most of us already knew: that the Internet is being used for fun and diversion rather than for business. The obvious facts that the company compiled showed that the Internet is being used by all demographics for fun and games with the youngest of surfers making it their new playground.

Is the Internet Just for Fun and Diversion?The report went so far as to state that, during the past 10 years, the percentage of adults who admit to using the Internet as a means of passing the time has increased to over 58%. This increase can be somewhat attributed to the advent of social networking, which has given users a means of communication and access to others that has never been available through other media.

In my opinion, this use of the Internet is likely to cause a division between the haves and the have-nots. This difference will be caused by the inability of the less fortunate to pay the high price attached to using a high speed Internet connection, which will make it more difficult to take advantage of Internet sales such as those offered on Cyber Monday. The ability to take advantage of the best online sales shows how dependent society has become on the ability to buy online and the need to have access to a high speed Internet connection. That means that a slow dial-up connection can no longer provide a satisfactory Web experience.

This conclusion was confirmed in a recent New York Times article that described a digital divide that is making it harder for those without a broadband connection to take advantage of not only online sales, but the Internet for entertainment. For my part, I couldn’t even imagine having a non-broadband connection to surf the Internet (or, worst of all, no Internet connection at all!), whether for entertainment or business (including writing this blog article).

I know that I can only count my blessings that I have a fast Internet connection that allows me to post my blog articles at LockerGnome. That being said, I know that many of you are also thankful for your connection speed as our lives and livelihoods are increasingly dependent upon it.

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