Valve Gives Away the World with the Epic Holiday Giveaway

I really enjoy games. Recently, I rediscovered an interest in PC gaming, specifically. Steam is my go-to place for pretty much all my PC games nowadays, ranging from first-person shooters like Counter-Strike to quiet simulations like The Sims. I have always known Valve, the company behind Steam, to be pretty generous, but when I heard what it’s offering this year, it absolutely put me into a state of shock for a bit.

According to its website, one lucky gamer will win every single game available on Steam. That’s right: every single game. In addition to that amazing grand prize, it is also giving 50 people the top 10 games on their Steam wishlist, 100 people their top five games, and 1000 gamers the Valve Complete Pack. Quite appropriately, Valve has titled this event the “Epic Holiday Giveaway.” I don’t know about you, but it sounds worth the hassle of participating given the prizes it’s offering.

Valve Gives Away the World with the Epic Holiday GiveawayThis giveaway, however, is only part of a greater event, called “The Great Gift Pile.” Every day, up until January 2, gamers will be able to complete objectives that are rewarded with either gifts or a lump of coal. I, myself, received a copy of the first Half-Life game in exchange for completing my first objective — not too shabby. Of course, don’t be depressed if you see a lump of coal finding its way into your possession. If you find yourself with seven lumps of coal, you can “craft” them into a gift, resulting in immediate gratification if you so desire. However, the more lumps of coal you have in your possession when the event ends, the more entries you have into the Epic Holiday Giveaway. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll be saving up for the win.

There’s one catch, of course. In order to complete many of the objectives that are offered, you must own a particular game. This is so because many of the objectives are actually goals to be reached while playing a certain game. If you are a Steam addict, you might already own quite a few games on Steam, in which case you probably don’t have to worry. In addition to that, don’t worry about spending loads of money on games right now, because Steam is also in the middle of its holiday sale. You should be able to find that most games are available at stunning prices. Quite a few games are available for as much as 75% off, including many of the games in which there are objectives to complete for the giveaway. In other words, put your frugality aside for a bit and enjoy yourself, especially if there’s the possibility you could win boatloads of content for free in the future.

Valve Gives Away the World with the Epic Holiday GiveawayBefore I end off, I’d like to remind folks to return the generosity Valve has shown with these events. It has conveniently designed the Steam Trading System to make this task easier for you. If you receive a game that you already own during the giveaway, or if you want to gift a game out of the pure kindness of your gaming heart, return Valve’s favor and send a gift off to a friend, or even an unsuspecting stranger. Who knows? Perhaps karma will shine back on you at a later date.

If you’d like to learn more about these giveaways, just check out the pages on the Steam website here. Also remember to check back up on the Steam website every day for awesome deals on absolutely brilliant games.

Also, just a bit of a plug. If you enjoy my articles here on LockerGnome, or this one in particular, consider gifting a game to me via Steam so that I can sit back and enjoy myself playing something fresh!