Best iPhone Apps for Students

This week, most high school and college students are enjoying a much-deserved break before the next semester (or quarter) begins. If you have a new iPhone this year, you may not realize the plethora of apps that can actually help you study better — and maybe even help your GPA, too. We’ve tried and tested some of the most popular apps designed for students in high school. Before you head back to the dorms or the cafeteria next week, check out this list of what we think are the best iPhone apps for students.


Chegg: Textbooks can be expensive, and anyone who has ever tried to “sell” new textbooks back to their school’s bookstore knows that the process is akin to getting scammed. Chegg is a service that allows its users to rent textbooks for a quarter and return them. (It’ll even pay the shipping!) I stumbled upon Chegg while I was in college, but the iPhone app makes it even easier to compare prices while you’re shopping for books. Free

Shakespeare Pro: Is studying Shakespeare part of next semester’s schedule? Shakespeare Pro is a must-have app for any student with a Shakespeare play in their syllabus. The app includes the complete works of Shakespeare (41 plays, 154 sonnets, and six poems, including doubtful works) and includes functions for searching the concordance to find the exact word or phrase you’re looking for. It also includes line numbers, which are useful in a classroom setting (note: the free version of this app does not). $9.99


New Oxford American Dictionary: As a college or high school student, having a dictionary at your fingertips is critical to ensuring you know both what you are reading and what you are writing. The New Oxford American Dictionary features more than 350,000 words, phrases, and senses, and hundreds of explanatory notes, making this resource more than worth its hefty price tag — though not nearly as heavy as its life-size companion. $29.99

Periodic: Both high school and freshmen level chemistry students know that having constant access to the periodic table can make or break your success next semester. The Periodic app features not only The Periodic Table of Elements, but useful information such as an element’s atomic weight, atomic number, electron configuration, melting point, boiling point, atomic radius, radius, and discovery year. $0.99

Best iPhone Apps for StudentsTests

First Aid Q&A for NBDE Part I: Are you taking the National Board Dental Examination test soon? This app will help you for Part I of the exam with practice tests, stats, and explanations. Some users even found this app more useful than the paperback version. If you’re a budding dentist, this app is well worth every penny of its $44.99 price tag.

EZ Read++: Did you procrastinate reading your the latest assigned chapters? We’ve all been there, and that’s usually what is for. If you have an iPhone, EZ Read++ makes accessing and using the resources of Sparknotes even easier. With this app, you can get detailed plot overviews, character analysis, chapter summaries, key facts, and much more on many different subjects. Just try not to rely on it too often; it’s always best to try to read and understand the story yourself. $1.99

AP US History 5 Steps to a 5: For many juniors in high school, the AP US history test is quickly approaching. This app features a five-step approach to those taking the test this spring, with a diagnostic tool to assess your knowledge, and over 499 flashcards to help you review. If you’re taking the US History AP test, this is must-have app. $9.99


Evernote: In case you didn’t know by now, we’re fans of using Evernote for any type of organization project. Students will love Evernote to keep class notes, which can be divided by notebook and sub-notebooks (perhaps for each week). Users can then sync notes between laptops and iPhones for access to notes and the class syllabus wherever and whenever you may need the material. Free

MyHomework: For high school and college students looking for a simple way to track homework assignments, MyHomework is an ideal app. Users can see what homework is currently due, as well as the due date, and what homework is currently late. (Uh oh!) One of the best features of this app is the ability to sync your homework with, which could be accessed by your parents or teachers to track your progress. Free

Foreign Languages‘s iPhone Apps: Are you taking introductory level foreign languages in high school or college, yet still struggling to learn the language? Babbel has a great series of apps available in the iTunes app store with features such as basic and advanced vocabulary for various situations, and thousands of vocabulary words with images, pronunciation, and example sentences. All words and phrases are spoken by native speakers of each language, as well. Check out Babbel’s apps for German, French, Spanish, Italian, and more.


Brain Tutor 3D: If you’re a neuroscience student, this app is a must-have on your home screen. Brain Tutor 3D features 3D models of the head and brain, and allows users to slice the brain along three axes (sagittal, axial, and coronal). The app also provides information about lobes, gyri, sulci, and Brodmann areas. Not bad for a free app!

Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards: If there was one class that was hardest to study for in college, it was anatomy and physiology. Lucky for today’s college students, iPhone apps can make this process painless — or, at least, much easier. With Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards, you will have 324 fully annotated images literally in the palm for your hand, on which you can add your own notes and pins. $39.99


Convert: Converting various units of measure can be time-consuming, but this app makes it easy. Convert features the ability to, well, convert dozens of units of measurements including area, currency, energy, speed, and temperature, as well as computer-related units such as bytes and typography (like pixels). No matter what field you are studying, this app will be useful for any student. $0.99

Algebra Touch: Algebra can be a struggle for some students — especially if they haven’t taken a math course in several years. Algebra Touch is an essential app for those who need a little help, or even a refresher in more advanced courses. You can solve various levels of algebra problems by dragging and tapping the numbers in different ways, and the app includes features to help you solve problems that include simplification, like terms, commutativity, order of operations, factorization, prime numbers, elimination, isolation, variables, basic equations, distribution, factoring out, and substitution. $2.99

Graphing Calculator: Graphing calculators can be expensive, but your iPhone already has all the computational skills you need to do the same functions. The Graphing Calculator app is a comparatively cheap, yet effective way to turn your iPhone into a graphing calculator, complete with all of the functions and equations you expect from the more expensive graphing calculators you’ll find in stores — and for a much lower price. $0.99

Are you a student in high school or college? Let us know if we missed your favorite app in the comments below!