5 iPhone Apps to Update Now

If you’re an iPhone owner like me, you likely have quite a few apps on your phone. While the average iPhone user has somewhere around 65 apps according to TechCrunch, these apps are constantly being tweaked and fine-tuned by their developers. While Android users can opt to have many of their apps automatically updated, Apple requires users to manually update each and every one of their apps each time a new version is released by browsing the list of apps with updates in the App Store. Currently, over 40 of my apps are in need of an update, and unless you’re constantly checking for and installing updates, you may need to update several of your iPhone apps as well. Here’s a look at five of the most popular iPhone apps that have recently been updated that you should consider updating now to get the most out of your favorite apps on your iPhone.


Instagram seems to be one of the most trendy iPhone apps, allowing users to take a picture with their iPhone, quickly add a fun retro or vintage filter to enhance the photo and then share the photo with friends on the social networks of their choice. With the latest update to Instagram for iPhone, released just last week, Instagram has completely revamped the interface. The new design is much more clean in line with the feel other iOS apps. The app is is also noticeably much more responsive. Additionally, Instagram has added a new feature called “Lux,” designed to enhance the original image – with or without a filter. It’s not really a filter itself, but a way to make your photo just look better. Of course, Instagram did add a new filter called Sierra. If you’re an Instagram addict, be sure to update this app immediately.


Another app for the iPhone that updated just last week was Spotify, which released version 0.4.23. Like Instagram, made a few major changes this past week, now offering the option to stream music at an “extreme” quality that brings 320kbps music to your iPhone – just like the PC and OS X applications. Spotify notes that not all songs are available in the higher bitrate, and users will need a premium subscription (which costs $10 a month) to use the mobile app in the first place. For iPhone users who love using Spotify on the go, this update is a great enhancement to your listening experience. iPhone users can update Spotify from the iTunes App Store.


If you use LinkedIn for professional networking, you likely have the LinkedIn app on your iPhone, and if you, don’t yet, you should. The LinkedIn app for iPhone offer offers the ability to find and connect with other members, read industry news and updates from your connection, stay in touch with groups and even share content – right from your iPhone. In January 2011, LinkedIn updated to version 4.3, which now features the ability to share a profile via email or to one of your connections from any member profile, which is a great feature when using LinkedIn to help share and expand your network and make connections. Additionally, users can now see what groups your connections have joined in Updates, and join them yourself, which is another asset to networking while on-the-go. Like other updates, you can update your LinkedIn app from the App Store, whether on your iPhone or from the desktop.


You have likely heard about Pinterest by now – the hot new social bookmarking service and network that allows users to “pin” pictures, inspirational ideas and recipes – just to name a few types of content. Pinterest is also available as an iPhone app, which until recently has been fairly buggy. However, the app was updated in January to version 1. 4.2 to fix many of these bugs, and since then, pinning on-the-go has never been easier. With the Pinterest app, you can organize and share the things you find while using your iPhone, as well as create pins with your iPhone camera – a must have for the millions of Pinterest addicts with iPhones. If you don’t already have the Pinterest app, or need to update it, it can also be found in the App Store.


Budget-conscious consumers with iPhone are likely armed with the Mint app, which helps keep users of Mint.com – the popular budget software owned by Intuit – aware of their finances while on-the-go. The Mint app was last updated in December 2011, but if you don’t check your updates very often like myself, you may be unaware of some key new features that can help make managing (and sticking to) your budget even easier. This update no longer displays closed accounts in your list, and you can delete pending and manual transactions directly from the app as well. Push notifications also work better, and other bugs were, as Mint describes “squished.” If you thought the Mint app for iPhone was great before, this update has made it even easier to use – and a must-have for those with iPhones and constantly conscious of their finances.

Have you recently updated your iPhone apps and found other apps with important new features? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.