Facebook Brand Page Tips and Tricks

Facebook is quickly becoming a key ingredient in every brand’s marketing strategy. With nearly 1 billion users, a business that uses Facebook has the opportunity to reach nearly every potential customer. In fact, if you are a brand using social media and leverage Facebook to advertise as well, you have the opportunity to influence nearly half of U.S. adults according to a recent study by Nielsen. This study found that approximately half of U.S. adults were influenced by either standard web ads on social media sites, web ads on social media sites that show which of their friends liked or followed the advertised brand, or were influenced by web ads on social media sites that appear as a news feed update.

Clearly using Facebook as a brand by creating a brand page can be beneficial to your brand by increasing brand awareness. Creating a successful Facebook brand page can help you both interact with current customers, as well as attract more customers. If you haven’t yet created a Facebook brand page, or are need a little help in making your current Facebook page more successful, here are a few Facebook brand page tips and tricks.

When to Post On Facebook

One of the most frequently asked questions – and one of the most important – about using Facebook is how often to post to your page as a brand. Dan Zarrella, HubSpot’s Social Media Scientist, revealed some interested data in 2011 about the best time of the day, week, and the best frequency at which to post to yield the most engagement from your current and potential fans (whom will hopefully become your customers.)

On his blog,
Dan said that he “looked at over 2,600 of the most liked Facebook pages and their posts per day rates [and] found … as pages posted more than once a day they tended to have fewer likes, especially once they got past a 3 posts per day level.” Dan’s research ultimately showed that the number of likes was highest for pages that posted around once every other day.

Additionally, Dan found that articles posted on Facebook (such as your brand’s blog posts) are shared more on the weekends, and that generally speaking, your articles will get the most shares at 8am (in your timezone.) Positive content is also more shared than negative content.

What To Post On Facebook

Once you start using your Facebook page as a component of your social marketing strategy, you can use this page to help keep your customers and fans informed about your business, industry, and local, community events. However, keep in mind that Facebook should NOT be used as billboard or advertising platform about your products and services. Instead, consider posting links to your blog, photos showing your product or service in action, and questions about a topic related to your business as a status update. This type of content will likely trigger discussion from your fans on your page and encourage them to share your content with their friends, which will generate viral brand awareness. Additionally, by including your customers in discussions about your company, they will feel a sense of ownership – and are more likely to not only return, but recommend you to a friend.

How to Manage Your Time

If you are creating a Facebook brand page, you like manage the social media for your brand, and potentially other brands as well. Negotiating the time to devote to each brand’s social media campaign can be difficult – and maintaining a Facebook page, even for a small business, is no simple task. Creating content and responding to comments can often take several hours per day. However, some smaller brands find it easier to spread out the time they dedicate to their page by checking in and/or updating for 10 or 15 minutes, once per hour. By using this time to post an update or respond to comments, the maintenance of a brand page feels much less burdensome. If you manage multiple pages or you find you need to devote nearly an entire day to your Facebook to keep up with content and engagement, you may need to consider hiring a social media manager to help maintain page – and the reputation of your brand.

How to Drive Traffic

Driving traffic to a Facebook page with the intent of increasing the number of fans of your Page can be a great way to easily attract new customers, but it is important to keep in mind that these fans are only worth attracting if they could potentially convert to paying customers – or, at the least, help share your content with other Facebook users who may become potential customers. Contests are one great way of attracting targeted fans. Keep in mind, however, that Facebook has strict rules about how to hold a contest on Facebook and as a result, they can be expensive.

Additionally, you may want to consider using targeted Facebook advertisements to increase awareness of your Facebook page by attracting specific types of Facebook users who may be most likely to become a customer – or at least, an evangelist of your brand. This can also be expensive, but well worth it if your business is looking for an easy and fast way to drive traffic to your page.

If you manage a Facebook page, what are your tips and tricks for success? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.