Geeky Baby Clothes

Geeks have babies, too. Sometimes, those babies grow up to be geeks in their own right, and hooray when that happens. Still, why not give your baby a head start with the latest in geeky baby fashion? Whether it’s an expressive statement on the front of a one-piece or a hat that closely resembles the helmet worn by your Skyrim character, geeky baby garb is all over the place.

Here are some of my favorite eye-catching baby garb found on the Interwebs.

Skyrim Hat / Helmet

The world can be a dangerous place full of adventure and excitement. Why not don your baby with a protective magic helmet styled after the one worn by none other than the Dragonborn?

Well, this hat isn’t exactly protective or magical, but it can keep your newborn’s head warm and cozy during outings to Whiterun. This crochet hat features two soft white horns and a viking-style facemask that extends down to the wearer’s cheeks.

What’s really cool about it is that you can order it through Etsy for sizes ranging from newborn to adult (with a large head). Yeah, that’s style…baby.

Ding! Level 1 Human Onesie

Who doesn’t remember the feeling of accomplishment when you first heard that “Ding!” signifying that your character has advanced in level and is on the fast track to fortune and glory? Well, perhaps not everyone remembers that, but it is a pretty significant stable in geek culture.

Babies are really just level 1 humans, after all. Sure they’re soft and fragile, but each day they gain experience that brings them closer to the next level in the human adventure. Crawling, standing, walking, running, talking, and jumping are all milestones that signify achievements in the great MMORPG known as the real world.

This onesie expresses this delight, letting the world know that your infant is proud of getting through the tutorial known as pregnancy and finally being released into the world as a level 1 human.

The onesie is made out of 100% cotton and printed by hand using water-based, non-toxic ink. Sizes range from 0-3m to 12-18m. You can pick it up for $16 on Etsy.

Pacman Hat

Pacman is cool, and anyone that thinks otherwise never spent a quarter to play it. This video gaming icon will chase after ghosts and gobble up cherries through the winter, keeping your baby’s head warm and cozy.

Pacman is one of those games that crosses generational gaps like only a few can. From the Google homepage to your hat, Pacman stands as a universal symbol of fun and geek culture.

Even Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde are considered cool among…well…someone thinks highly of them or they wouldn’t have like five different nicknames on one continent alone. Did you know that they are also referred to as Shadow, Speedy, Bashful and Pokey? Their alternate nicknames included: Macky, Micky, Mucky, and Mocky.

The hat is made out of crochet acrylic yarn in a pet free / smoke free home and is available in sizes ranging from newborn to large adult. It’s currently available for $30 on Etsy.

Come to the Dark Side Bib

It’s true, the dark side of the force is indeed riddled with mystery. Why anyone wouldn’t want one of these bibs for their infant or toddler is beyond me. It’s classy, black, and speaks the truth. The dark side does indeed have cookies.

Besides, how boring would the world be if every baby was a Jedi? Do you think Palpatine was just another Jedi baby?

No! Your baby is destined for greatness. The force is strong with him/her and nothing will stand in their way of a good cookie… even Master Yoda himself. After all, isn’t that all Anakin wanted? A cookie and a nap would have prevented the Emperor from taking power in the first place.

In any case, kids love cookies and every kid I’ve met also like Star Wars. Why not combine these two epic forces into a single bib? Huzzah!

You can find this bib at ThinkGeek for $7.99.

Superhero Snapsuits

It’s never too early to discover your secret super power. Why not have the uniform ready for when that day comes? Sure, a mild-mannered Clark Kent baby might not have fit in the Superman spandex, but he could have fought crime from the crib in one of these onesies.

Whether your hero of choice has super powers like the Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, or Superman, or simply a lot of cool toys like Batman, this collection has your baby covered. No, really.. pun intended.

ThinkGeek has these in stock in sizes from 6M – 24M at about $19.

Now that you have that sorted, is it too early for Justice League Preschool admissions?

Knitted Jayne Hat

Firefly was one of those television series that didn’t really take off until after it went off the air. Today, it stands as one of the most beloved sci-fi series of all time, and sadly there will be no more episodes made. Still, you can bring the tales of Serenity to the younger generation by way of this handsome Jayne hat inspired by the original series.

This hat can keep your child’s head warm during the cold winters of Earth or the chilled darkness of space. Well, don’t launch them into space with just the hat, but it looks pretty cool.

Knitted from acrylic yarn, the Jayne hat is available in sizes ranging from newborn to youth (10-12 years). You can currently find it on Etsy for about $20.

Now that’s a fashion statement Jayne Cobb’s mother would be proud of.