Two Fruits + One Robot = Informed Mobile Consumer

Two Fruits + One Robot = Informed Mobile ConsumerTwo fruits and a robot walk into a bar, and…

Gnomie Natasja Atherton’s got a site — Two Fruits One Robot — that focuses on the technological wonders of the Apple, BlackBerry, and Android (two fruits and one robot, you see?) mobile systems. No matter your smartphone or tablet of choice, you should be covered by the news and reviews to be found here. If not, are you sure that’s a phone you’re carrying around and not some kind of exotic implement for shredding salad toppings on the fly? Or perhaps it’s an Etch A Sketch? A Speak & Spell? A label maker from 1972 for which refills are no longer produced due to a lost class action lawsuit against the manufacturer for incorporating asbestos into the adhesive? It’s 2012, by gum! Get with the program and stuff your pockets with an asbestos-free fruit or robot of your choice!

Even though the Two Fruits One Robot team is based in South Africa, the know how it brings to the table can be applied globally. Do you Android in Andalusia? Do you iPhone in Iceland? Do you BlackBerry in Bolivia? Then you’re all set! And while the focus is officially on apps for any and all of these mobile devices, the reviewers don’t shy away from giving you the skinny on available accessories that they come across, as well as newsworthy items relevant to your favorite devices and operating systems. In the overall spirit of helpfulness, they additionally share their knowledge in how to articles like:

Can’t find an app for your BlackBerry, Apple, or Android device? Tell the Two Fruits One Robot folks what you need one to do and they’ll do their best to scrounge one up for you. They can be reached on 93.9FM every Saturday morning at 9:30 (South African time, one might assume), and there’s a link provided in a ticker at the top of the page that’ll tell you how this can be accessed from the privacy of your own Internet connection wherever you may reside.

Think your mobile needs can use a little friendly nudge of knowledge from the Two Fruits One Robot crew? Currently, you can check out the main site at Two Fruits One Robot (while you’re there, be sure to sign up for the newsletter to keep up with the ever-changing world of Apple, BlackBerry, and Android), and follow Two Fruits One Robot on Twitter @2F1R.

The aforementioned Natasja Atherton, the very nice woman who runs the site, would appreciate any feedback you might have for her and her team regarding Two Fruits One Robot and how they might best serve your mobile device information needs. It can be an overwhelming amount of daily news to cover, but they’re doing it all for you! Help ’em out, won’t you?