Display Recorder for iOS

As I said in my previous article, it is rare for me to review an iPhone case. It is even more rare for me to review an iOS app. Display Recorder may seem like a strange app to bring into focus, but I have been waiting for an app like this to be brought into the App Store. This app has been part of the Cydia App Store for a while now, so those of you who jailbreak will already know about it.

I am not one for jailbreaking my device — although I have jailbroken my device before — so I was hoping that this app would be made “App Store legal” so that I could finally get my hands on it. I found out about this app via Google+ on Monday and I have been testing it for the past day or two.

Display Recorder for iOS

What Does the App Do?

Apple gave us the home button + sleep/wake button combination so that we could take a screenshot on our devices, but never gave us video capture options. Simply put, Display Record allows you to do just this: video capture what’s on your device. You could think of it like FRAPS or Dxtory for iOS. I am sure that Android users have had this feature or an app that can do something similar, but we non-jailbreaking iOS users have finally caught up. Hooray, us.

Why is This Important?

If you are a gamer, you can record Let’s Play episodes from games that aren’t on PC, Mac, Xbox, or PlayStation. You can do iOS app reviews and actually show what the app does and how it looks. You can even do tutorials on how to do things within iOS apps that always benefit from a little show-and-tell treatment. It’s a proper way of dealing with these issues without having to record the screen with a separate camera like many people have done.

How Much Does It Cost?

Display Recorder is $1.99 in the US App Store or £1.49 in the UK App Store.

How Well Does It Function?

Display Recorder actually functions very well considering that this is its first version for the iOS App Store. There are a few small bugs that need to be squashed, but it is certainly a very capable app — so long as you are willing to work around these current bugs. The only big problem is trying to record games using screen capture because — unlike the direct capture method — the games become a little jerky and laggy. Why not use direct capture? If you do, you will record a black screen. I have no idea why — purely because I’m not a developer and don’t understand these things. Long story short: Display Recorder has some bugs, but if you are prepared to work past them, it’s a nice app.

How Do I Get My Videos?

You have three methods to get the video once you’ve recorded it. The first method is to upload it to your camera roll and download it to your PC. The second method is to upload it directly to YouTube. The third version is to open/upload it to another program like Box or Dropbox. I definitely think that this is a good move on the part of the developer. Giving you the option to upload directly to YouTube means that if — like Chris — you like recording live-to-tape, you can upload to YouTube instantly and the job done. However, if you want to edit it, then you have the other two options. I have provided an example of a YouTube direct upload from my iPhone below.

Example Display Recorder Video for iPhone

Final Thoughts

Display Recorder isn’t perfect, but taking into consideration that it is still a young app with many bugs to crush, it is still a good app. I would definitely be thinking about buying the app — if only to get the developer to work on the bugs and give us a better app. I mean, the apps can be updated for free, so it makes sense to show the developers some love in hopes that they will continue to develop the app and crush the known bugs. I know that it doesn’t always work that way and some apps are just plain useless, but we can hope that most developers are genuine people who want to make an app that works well.

If you are looking for an app that will record your screen to do screen casts from an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, then this app will certainly foot the bill and, even with the current bugs, still give you high quality video that you can be pleased with. I’d certainly recommend it and hope that you will give the developer some support in this venture.