10 Things I Like About iOS

This is going to be a two-part article. This first part will talk about the 10 things I like about Apple’s iOS. The second part will talk about 10 things that I dislike about Apple’s iOS. I have to say one thing before I start this article proper and that is thank you. I loved reading your comments on five reasons why I won’t buy a Microsoft Surface. Most of you made good points and good arguments both for and against the Surface. Others need to learn that I am giving my opinion and that I’ve not got my hands around their neck forcing them to buy or not to buy a product. Now, here are 10 reasons why I like iOS.

10 Things I Like About iOS

It’s Neat

I don’t mean neat in some urban form of cool. I mean that it’s neat and tidy. You can’t add widgets to the screens or anything that would make my Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies go wild. I really do think that iOS is a great OS if you have OCD or OCT.


I know that other OSes have had this feature for a lot longer than iOS, but it’s still great to have the feature on iOS. I can keep my screen tidy or organise my apps in a way that I can easily understand. I like that Apple has decided to keep the whole OS fairly simple to understand — or at least that’s how it feels to me.

Visual Voice Mail

When the iPhone and the iPhone OS was brand new, this was one of its main features and it’s a feature that has slowly died out and isn’t advertised a lot — if, indeed, at all — now. I still love Visual Voice Mail because I can see who’s called me and I can usually ignore telemarketers.

Music Creation Apps

I have many friends who use, and love, their Android phones. As such, I have used many of their music creation apps. I am extremely picky about the sound quality and how the sound is played, if that makes sense. The Android apps just don’t function as nicely as some of the iOS apps like Ocarina and others that I’ve already named. I haven’t tried Windows Phone 7, so I can’t comment on that, but I love the iOS apps at time of writing.

I Can Get the Latest Update

I know that this may rub some of you up the wrong way. However, I love that I don’t have to wait for O2 or whoever to decide to upgrade my phone’s OS. I’ve had some of my friends on Android who have moved to iOS because their carrier or manufacturer refused to update their phone to the latest flavour of Android. I have seen and played with Android and I would think about moving to Android if Google would find a way to force manufacturers and carriers to upgrade to the latest and greatest.


I use reminders on an almost daily basis. When I leave the house I can remind myself of article ideas or to record some stuff for my YouTube channel and have iOS remind me when I enter a 500 meter area around my house. I have used a myriad of different apps to accomplish this, but they usually require you to remember that you made the reminder. It could just be me being lazy and wanting apps to make my life even easier, or it could be because I have an exceptionally bad memory is some areas and an exceptionally good memory in others.

Photo Stream

This is a great feature for me. I can take pictures on my iPhone and have access to them on my iPad. I could upload them to my computer and then download them onto my iPad using iTunes, but iCloud makes things just so simple. I can also edit and do stuff on my iPad or take a screenshot and my iPhone will have it in Photo Stream. This may not make any sense to you, but let me clear the smoke. My iPad is downstairs on a stand and I use it as my PC downstairs. In fact, I’m currently typing this on my iPad whilst I watch Formula 1 Free Practice One on the TV.

iCloud Backup

This gives me peace of mind that, if anything should happen to my iPhone or iPad, I have a backup — with settings and all that other good stuff. This way, when I get a replacement unit, nothing will have changed and I can get back to business. This happened recently with my iPad and it has given me even more peace of mind because I know that it does actually work.


I would like this feature better if it weren’t just free messaging to other iOS devices and there was a way to do BBM/iMessage to all phones. This is a great feature — don’t get me wrong — because I can keep up with other iOS users, but I know users on Android and Windows Phone 7, too, and it seems unfair (even though there are other apps that allow this to happen). I want something that’s built into every message app on every phone and handy for sending a message to fellow LockerGnome staff — except that I’d usually get told off because they’re asleep. (Sorry, lads!)

App Store

I don’t care about how many apps are in the App Store; I care about the kind and quality of the apps. While some will complain of Apple’s famous “walled garden” approach to application presentation, it does weed out a lot of potential garbage and makes finding something worthwhile all the easier.

Final Thoughts

These 10 things may or may not be available to iOS alone, but they are the 10 things that I like about iOS. I like having the freedom to choose the platform that I like the best. I also like the option to “vote with my wallet” should the platform that I’ve chosen fail my expectations. I don’t care for the whole slanderous and flatulent world of “you’re a fan boy because I say so” nonsense. I have the right to choose and use what I want and how I want to and I give no one the right to judge me on it because I don’t care!