How To Log in to Belkin Routers

How To Log in to Belkin RouterBefore, I’ve written about how to log in to router settings from scratch — that is, without knowing exactly what company manufactured the device, and how you might be able to weasel your way into the thing with a minimal amount of guesswork. But if you’re already sure that you want to know how to log in to Belkin routers, then the biggest challenge is out of the way! Belkin, a consumer electronics company since 1983, manufactures a number of popular routers, and tries to keep the process of accessing its products pretty simple and straightforward.

If you’re trying to log in to a Belkin router from its default settings, this’ll be a piece of cake! Just follow these instructions and you’ll be in like a pro. If the router has been given settings (such as a password deviating from how it arrived as a newborn router fresh from the factory), you’ll need to reset it. More on that later; let’s start out on a positive note and assume we’ll log in to a Belkin router that’s still got its baby teeth.

  • Open your Web browser of choice and type into the URL entry field.
  • Click Login (you’ll find it in the page’s upper right hand corner). Clicking Submit should suffice as long as the router’s in its pristine state (as we’re assuming for this set of instructions).
  • That’s really it — you should be in! That being said, it’s just as easy for anyone else to log in to your Belkin router at this point. Why not take a few seconds to set up a password right now so that the bad guys can be kept at bay with the greatest of ease? From the screen you see now, follow these instructions:
    • On the left-hand side of the resulting page, you’ll see System Settings (under Utilities). Click on it.
    • The page that comes up now should prompt you for an Administrator Password. Set one up as requested, jot it down somewhere safe so you’ll remember it later, click Save Settings, and breathe a little easier!

If you can’t log in to the Belkin router because an administrator password has already been set, then you’ll have to reset the Belkin router — which will also erase any other settings that might be in place, so use this only as a last resort and you have no access to the password already set! Here’s where you can learn how to reset a Belkin router.