Find a Job with “Hire Sander”

Finding a job in today’s difficult market can be an uphill battle for even the most qualified individuals. Setting yourself apart from an endless sea of applicants means going above and beyond the typical resume and online profiles. You need to create something truly unique that demonstrates what you can do and how much of an asset you would be to a potential employer.

Sander Saar is a digital content creator, technologist, and a media strategist with an impressive list of accomplishments and plenty of talent. Unfortunately, he hasn’t quite found the perfect team to work with. This is why he’s decided to build a Kickstarter-like page that makes it very easy to hire him.

Let’s take a look at what Sander Saar did right.

Familiar Theme and Interface

Sander’s site is built to resemble a popular and respected site in the tech community. Kickstarter is a symbol of small business success and inventiveness. Projects frequently celebrated from the crowdsourced fundraising site are put up by underdogs that either don’t have or can’t find the funding they need to make their dreams come to life without a little help. The subconscious correlation between Kickstarter and an unemployed content creator is an easy one to find.

Putting subliminal messaging aside, the site’s theme is easy to understand and follow. It’s built on a foundation of getting the word out about Saar’s expertise and willingness to join a team searching for someone of his talents. His goals are laid out clearly through both the interactive video and the site’s messaging. You know at first glance exactly what he’s hoping to find through this page and what he’s willing to take on to do so. Everything from an internship to full-time employment on a long-term basis is on the table.

The interactive video is a nice touch. Utilizing YouTube’s familiar annotation function, he managed to turn four different well-produced videos into an easily referenced guide to everything you need to know about Sander Saar.

References Front and Center

While it isn’t hard to find what Saar has accomplished through his interactive video, the bulk of the content found on his page are recommendations from industry professionals that have worked with him in the past. These recommendations are more valuable today than ever before thanks in part to the very social online world we live in today. In fact, what people say about you (and how you respond to these statements) online is almost as important as the content on your resume these days.


Despite his site’s theme borrowing from another popular site, the idea behind promoting yourself in this particular way is fairly unique. He managed to pull off an impressive “hire me” page on multiple levels. Reaching the top five stories on Hacker News is a big accomplishment, especially for a site that does little more than promote a single person seeking employment. If another person were to attempt to recreate it, the effect would be dampened considerably.

When you’re seeking employment in the area of marketing or digital content strategy, it’s vital that you find a way to prove your skills. If you manage to promote yourself successfully, brands will be lining up to give you a shot at helping them.

Just ask this guy:

When you’ve been on the move to find gainful employment, what’s been your best success story? Share it with us in the comments!