Android Smartphone: Are you Tired of Being Left On Hold?

Android Smartphone: Are you Tired of Being Left On Hold?I don’t know about you, but I am never very excited about having to call customer service, no matter how good the company alleges its customer service to be. The nightmare of having to press through a variety of different keys, sometimes taking up to five minutes, is troublesome and annoying. Once you have completed the task, you are then placed on hold, listening to elevator music, while a constant message tells you how important you are and to please wait until the next available operator.

Trying to speak to a real person these days has become a real challenge for all of us. There have been two recent occasions — both occurring in July — that happened to me and drove me completely nuts. The first incident happened while I was trying to contact a representative for my wife’s mail-in prescriptions and I was floored when I was informed that the wait time was one hour and 44 minutes! The second call was to a large online retailer in which I was told there was no representative available, and if I would leave my name and phone number, a representative would return my call. My first thoughts were that this would be a waste of time, but I left my name and number and, within five minutes, my phone rang.

These two attempts to contact a representative for customer service are completely opposite of each other. Yet the first incident, which I would describe as an excessive amount of waiting on the phone, is usually more normal and not the exception. I started looking around Google Play for an application that could eliminate this madness and help me to get to a real person. After trying several apps., I finally discovered one called FastCustomer.

FastCustomer works by having a listing for some 2,500 businesses built into a directory. Once you find the establishment you wish to call, you only need to add its call-back phone number and then press a button labeled “Have someone call me.” That’s it, folks; within a few minutes, you will receive a real human being’s voice on your smartphone.

You must realize though that, like any application, there are some limitations. First of all, the business must be open to receive a call back. But FastCustomer has you covered and even lets you know if a business is not open and when it will open, which is a really nice touch. The next limitation is that the application may not always reach a real person and, instead, you may find that you are being switched to an auto-response system. This is the type of system that I have described above, in which you leave your name and number for a call-back by a representative.

Neither of these limitations are deal breakers, and I would recommend you try FastCustomer, which is a free application. The application is available for both Android and iOS smartphones, and I believe you will find it very useful.

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Source: FastCustomer

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