Technology Rumors: Why We Love to Read About What May Not Be True

Technology Rumors: Why We Love to Read About What May Not Be TrueRemember in elementary school when the teacher had us play telephone? It began with her telling the first student a phrase such as “a cow ate a banana for lunch.” Then that student passed it to the next student in line, etc. until the last student in line told the class what he had heard. Perhaps not surprisingly, it came out as something totally different from how it began. That is the way it is with gossip but, by nature, we human beings love gossip. So when it comes to rumors in the technology field — where we have daily leaks about everything (that may or may not become true) — we are all ears. However, I have noticed that lately the rumor mill has become more spot-on and often accurately reflects the final products we eventually see.

Still, there are a lot of often misguided rumors and misinformation presented as factual that can lead the reader to the wrong conclusion. In part, this is true because there is more pressure upon technology writers to write about these alleged futuristic products — whether the rumors are true or not. So who is to blame for the avalanche of rumors and insights that are published on a daily basis? The blame falls on all of us — myself included — who seem to treasure any type of news that gives us the inside track and allows us to be the first to share it with our peers. In addition, the publishers rejoice when their revenues increase as the result of articles that seem to attract a crowd of people who are also seeking the skinny on new technology.

Because of the pressure that writers feel to put something — anything — into words, they tend to write over and over again about the same rumors or the same new releases into the marketplace. So what happens to the readership when the authors do this without having anything — or little of anything — to add to the rumors? Obviously, they get frustrated and then bored while we, the writers, end up producing a series of articles that bombard the Internet with little or no value. This doesn’t mean, however, that readers will stop looking for new rumors to discuss with their friends since we all like to be the first to share what we learn with our peers. Now this is just my opinion and I could be mistaken; if I am, feel free to tell me how many articles you have written or read in the last few months that aren’t found elsewhere on the Internet.

For example, I know that during the past six months, we’ve seen an assortment of articles about Windows 8. These articles have included conjecture and speculation as to what to expect from the newest operating system from Microsoft. In other words, will it do this or that or will it just be the last hurrah of a sinking ship? These articles have subjected us to both pros and cons of why Windows 8 will succeed or fail. Many of these articles have also made a huge point of including the fact that Microsoft made a colossal mistake by eliminating the Start button. Toss this into the rumor mill along with rumors about Microsoft’s new Surface computer and we now have a formula for intense speculation and innuendo that will keep the Microsoft vs. Apple fans active in sharing their opinions.

Then, of course, there are all the rumors surrounding the new Apple releases. Between the iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini, the rumors flew as to what exactly Apple had up its sleeve. The most anticipated change, however, was the announcement of the Apple iPad mini and how this new device would shape the future of the computing industry. Just the hype about this mini marvel had Apple fans drooling; while Steve Jobs may be rolling in his grave over this recent unveiling, consumers will be rolling in the aisles trying to get their hands on this latest iOS wonder. However, one must wonder if the rumors for Apple products are leaked by industry insiders, since their information appears to be extremely accurate more often than not.

Having said all this, I am not here to toot my own horn or to tell you what I think or believe. I believe that I can learn from the loyal readers here at LockerGnome who have their own expertise when it comes to technology. Once you read this article, I would appreciate hearing your opinions in order to know what you think. In fact, a fellow writer, Sherman DeForest, suggested a simple question to pose to those who read this article: “What are the 10 best rumors you have heard lately?”

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