The HP ElitePad 900: An Upcoming Tablet Perfect for Your Business

The HP ElitePad 900: An Upcoming Tablet Perfect for Your BusinessSo far, the upcoming tablet models we’ve seen running Windows 8 have been quite exciting. The Microsoft Surface and the Samsung ATIV Tab are two highly anticipated releases, and now we’ve got another one that’s shaping up to be an excellent fit for business use: the HP ElitePad 900, just announced recently and scheduled for a January 13 release.

According to the HP press release, the ElitePad 900 was designed to meet the needs of people in business and in the government. It is lightweight, durable, and highly portable, and allows for a modular approach using specially designed add-ons. It is capable enough to entice productivity from the users while making sure that company IT departments will still be able to manage the devices properly. Anyway, let’s check out the details to see where all this promise is coming from.

Spec Sheet

The HP ElitePad 900 is an ergonomic tablet that has a 10-inch screen, weighs 1.5 pounds, and has a thickness of 9.2 mm. You might think the weight a bit heavy for a 10-inch tablet, but take into consideration the Gorilla Glass IPS display and the MIL-spec 819G-compliant military-grade durability of the device. It’s guaranteed to withstand considerable impact, including a drop from a height of 3 feet. This means even if your employees have butterfingers, they won’t easily damage your hardware.

The ElitePad 900 has Intel inside, specifically a mobile processor of the Clover Trail variety. It is made with Windows 8 in mind and as such supports voice, touch, and pen inputs. Internal storage options include 32 GB or 64 GB for the solid state drive. Maximum RAM is pegged at 2 GB, and there’s also optional 3G or 4G connectivity. No particulars yet as to the clock speed of the processor, but we’ve heard Clover Trail chips can go as high up as 1.8 GHz.

Smart Jackets and Other Accessories: Modular Muscle

It’s a given that those specs are tablet-worthy, but they’re not really so special considering the field that we have at the moment. What’s so good about this HP tablet PC is that you can simply purchase any add-on to complement the experience and to enhance the capabilities of your device, so you can convert the tablet anytime and you don’t have to lug around all your accessories every time if you know you’re not going to use them. HP has come up with a “productivity-enhancing ecosystem” ripe with accessories and HP Smart Jackets that are made especially for the ElitePad.

The foremost unit is the Productivity Jacket, which comes with an integrated keyboard, an SD card reader, and additional connectivity ports to accommodate your needs, such as tapping into your mobile phone’s connection while out on the field and accessing your company’s VoIP phone service. This Smart Jacket also offers adjustable viewing angles for working out of the office. There’s also the Expansion Jacket that offers HDMI output, USB ports, and other features meant to accommodate on-the-go requirements. There’s even an ElitePad jacket battery for the Expansion Jacket to boost battery life away from power sockets.

There’s also an ElitePad Rugged Case that adds protection. Prospective buyers can also get a docking station that makes for a complete desktop solution as it comes with a keyboard, a monitor, and allows for charging of the tablet. For those who want some on-screen note-taking (or the occasional Draw Something sketch), the HP Executive Tablet Pen is the perfect complement.

HP has dubbed the upcoming ElitePad 900 as a “true tablet for business.” In many ways, the Windows 8 tablet really does performs functions tailored for the grind of business use, and its spec sheet shows it holds considerable power even for the most demanding tasks. Bundled with excellent design and a high degree of durability, this new gadget should be an incredible investment for any business. Since it’s not set to go up for sale until January 2013, there’s no pricing information just yet — and that’s another aspect that should determine how “business-friendly” this tablet PC really is. At the right price, this nice piece of hardware should be a big hit. Right now, it looks really promising.

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Image: HP