Jeans Made for Geeks

WTFjeans is at it again with a new pair that boasts superior protection for your smartphone. Not only do these jeans come with a specially designed pocket lined with microfiber cloth for your phone, but also one for your USB thumb drive, and plenty of other places to stash your portable electronics. WTFjeans primarily promotes…


Bluetooth Vs. Wireless USB Receivers

Buying a wireless keyboard and/or mouse doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get a Bluetooth device. Even with the majority of today’s laptops being built with Bluetooth integration, there are still a great many people who have systems which don’t support the standard. For that matter, Bluetooth isn’t exactly a consistent standard at all….

You 2.0

One of the things about being a geek is that when it comes to new gadgets we like to be on the cutting edge. If I could I would be walking around with Google Glass strapped to my head, flexible solar paneling in my clothing and an ultraslim i7 laptop in my pocket. I would…